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iPhone 14 production rumours imply it may be hard to get


The iPhone 14’s manufacturing estimate is large, but not as large as was projected

(Image credit: Front Page Tech / Ian Zelbo)

Even though the iPhone 14 Pro models are expected to feature a slew of significant enhancements, reports about Apple’s iPhone 14 manufacturing objectives imply that the company is planning a low-key launch this year.

According to Bloomberg’s sources in Apple’s supply chain, Apple’s iPhone output for 2022 will be the same as its 2021 goal of 220 million handsets. Although this number includes iPhone 13 and SE models, the majority of these will be iPhone 14 units shipped by the end of the year.


The supply chain was expecting 240 million, but this is actually less than that. Because the iPhone 14 is expected to have significant changes, the predictions had predicted an increase in manufacturing in order to meet increased demand. This is because of issues like the coronavirus lockdowns, increasing inflation, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, says the research.

Lockdowns in the Chinese cities where Apple’s manufacturing partners are headquartered have caused special supply chain challenges for Apple. This has had a significant impact on MacBook production, which currently takes two to three months to delivery.

It was recently reported that one of the four predicted iPhone 14 models may be three weeks behind schedule because to Chinese lockdowns. Sources in the supply chain remained optimistic that Apple would be able to overcome the delay. However, we may also see a situation similar to that of the iPhone 12 series, when the base model and the iPhone 12 Pro were released first, while the iPhone 12 tiny and the iPhone 12 Pro Max were delayed.


Regular, Pro, and Pro Max versions of the iPhone 14 series are expected to be released in addition to a new iPhone 14 Max to replace the low-selling iPhone 13. However, despite the fact that the iPhone 14 and 14 Max are expected to have a notched display and the same processor, the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max are said to have a new dual punch-hole camera notches and a 48MP main camera, respectively.

Despite some amazing renders of the iPhone 14 Pro, we shouldn’t expect to see it until the middle of September, as is customary. So far, the most precise date we’ve heard is September 13, so be sure to mark your calendars accordingly.


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