Nvidia’s GTX 1630 budget card may be released soon


When will the GTX 1630 be available? We’ll see…

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According to the most recent rumors, Nvidia’s allegedly upcoming GeForce GTX 1630, a graphics card targeted at the entry-level market, would now make its debut on June 28.

Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard a launch date for the GTX 1630; in fact, this is the third date that has been floated via GPU rumor. This low-cost graphics card was initially scheduled to debut on May 31, but the selling date was later reported to have been moved to June 15.


Naturally, mid-June passed without any sign of the GTX 1630, but the most recent information indicates that it will finally surface on June 28, which is coming up in just a few days, according to VideoCardz(opens in new tab). According to IT Home (opens in new tab), who obtained the information from the Chinese Board Channels forum, Colorful GTX 1630 versions are stated as shipping in preparation for a June 28 on-sale date, which means the cards will actually be available for purchase at that time (and not just unveiled).

As the last two anticipated release dates clearly demonstrate, proceed with extreme caution. In fact, in light of what has transpired, we are particularly dubious about whether this speculation will be realized a third time.

Analysis: Release it already, Nvidia (if indeed this GPU is inbound)

We’re curious to see what Nvidia might do with this entry-level model, so we’re hoping that this is at least a sign that the GTX 1630 is still on the way. Even if previous speculations about it have been mixed in terms of the alleged spec and how limited it might be.


Synthetic benchmark results indicate that the 1630 is underperforming the GTX 1050 Ti, and there has been much discussion about how enticing a device this would be – unless Nvidia sells the price incredibly low. And perhaps the delays are related to those expectations.

Alternately, it’s possible that Team Green is simply rearranging its priorities because the 1630 is not a top priority. The GTX 1630 might be another reported graphics card that is ultimately scrapped. The general response to the postulated specs and these apparent multiple slippages could indicate such. Or the rumors about this card may simply be untrue in general (though that feels unlikely, seeing as it keeps popping up on the release radar).

Hopefully the GTX 1630 will be unveiled next week, if only to reveal its true specifications and confirm that it lives up to the ‘GTX’ label, which has historically been associated with gaming rather than a very low-cost component more likely to be found in a home theater PC.


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