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Nothing Phone (1) killer feature was just disclosed


We can’t wait to get our hands on this Nothing Phone (1) demo, but it won’t be coming to the US.

(Image credit: Marques Brownlee)

A hands-on video from Marques Brownlee has revealed additional details about the Nothing Phone (1). (opens in new tab). We now see the phone from all sides in this video, and it’s clear what the strange lights on the rear of the phone are for.

The eerie lights are really part of a lighting system comprised of over 900 LEDs, dubbed the “glyph interface.” Your notifications and ringtones are synced with these and can be adjusted for certain apps or contacts.


They can also serve as an oddly shaped illumination or signal that you’re using wireless or reverse wireless charging. It is also possible to capture images without using the flash with these lights.

You can see an estimate of the phone’s battery charge percentage by shaking the phone and looking at the glyph’s light.

In Brownlee’s video, we also get our first look at the front of the Phone (1). The front isn’t quite as interesting as the back. In spite of this, it’s still interesting to note that Nothing has ditched the iPhone 13’s symmetrical bezels in favor of a left-corner punch-hole for the selfie camera.


There are still a lot of unknowns when it comes to the Phone (1). Still, we don’t know what the camera sensors are, how big the display is, how fast the battery charges, or even which Snapdragon chipset drives it all.

Despite this, we’ve already heard some awful rumors, including one that has now been confirmed by Nothing, according to leaker Evan Blass. The StockX page for the Phone (1) through which the first 100 units will be auctioned off advises U.S. bidders that the phone is not entirely compatible in North America, which supports his assertion.

Nothing confirmed to PCMag(opens in new tab) that the Nothing Phone (1) will not be available in the United States with the following statement:


“Even though we’d rather have a global phone service, we’re focusing on the UK and Europe because we already have solid connections with prominent local carriers in these regions. Our brand is still relatively new, so we need to be strategic in our approach to smartphone launches, from ensuring the device is compatible with local networks and carrier agreements to ensuring that local regulations are adhered to.”

Due to its reliance on carrier agreements, Nothing has decided not to enter the American market. However, this is still a huge disappointment.


However, there is some good news in that Nothing states, “We have great ambitions to introduce a U.S. supported smartphone in the future. “

The official unveiling is set for July 12th, at which time we’ll get all the specifics and specs. To get the most up-to-date information, visit our Nothing Phone (1) hub.


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