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Noah Schnapp disclosed Doja Cat begged his help for a hook up


Doja Cat urged Noah Schnapp to set her up with a Stranger Things co-star, according to Noah Schnapp.


If you’ve seen Stranger Things season four, you know that Eddie, the misunderstood metalhead portrayed by Joseph Quinn, is one of the show’s most endearing characters. Pop artist Doja Cat wasn’t exempt from the ravages of the internet.

Star of Stranger Things Noah Schnapp, 17, (as Will Byers) has stated that the American rapper requested that he tell Quinn to slip into her DMs in an Instagram message delivered over TikTok.


Using a TikTok user’s snapshot of Doja Cat’s “it’s f**king criminal” remark beneath a picture of Quinn, Schnapp put together a movie.

A screenshot of Schnapp’s communication with the 26-year-old rapper, in which he asks for an introduction to Quinn, was shared on the social media site.

The phrase “hit me up” (abbreviated “hmu”) is short for “tell Noah to tell Joseph to hmu.”


He didn’t have a girlfriend at the time of their meeting so she gently inquired about it.

Schnapp’s response was “LMAOOO slip into his dms” in response to the request. A method that Doja Cat had previously contemplated, she reacted by claiming Quinn “don’t have [DMs] to slip into”.

All I’m saying is that Doja Cat represents us all, and I like a Queen who isn’t afraid to take a shot – particularly when she does it with grace.


Quinn previously admitted to Vulture that he was “minimally exposed” to social media, something he said in an interview. Instead, I use an Instagram account that is controlled by a buddy instead of TikTok.

It’s possible that this is not the way Doja Cat will find happiness; still, our hopes are high. I’d be down for a Doja Cat cameo in Stranger Things season five at the absolute least.


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