Netflix just cancelled this drama before it ever aired


This show was abruptly cancelled by Netflix without having aired a single episode.

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Netflix has earned a reputation for cancelling series before they’ve had a chance to find their footing, but normally, the streamer at least allows them one season on the site. That’s not the case with the newest Netflix cancelled drama which has been killed without ever showing a single episode.

Netflix has apparently abandoned its long-in-development animated version of comic book serial Bone. “Several high-profile projects have been summarily scrapped,” according to The Wrap in Netflix Animation’s Kids & Family division.


However, the last time we heard about Netflix’s plans to adapt Bone into an animated series was in 2021, during a conversation between Smith and Polygon. Smith stated that the Covid-19 epidemic had delayed production many months but that a “dream team” of animation expertise was working on the programme and he was “pretty enthusiastic about it so far.” Unfortunately, it seems it wasn’t enough to persuade Netflix to move through with the project.

Bone is a successful comic book series that debuted in 1991 and continued until 2004 encompassing 55 issues. After being banished from their hometown of Boneville, three cousins named Fone Bone, Phoney Bone, and Smiley Bone go on a new journey packed with new friends and perilous foes.

The series’ mature themes have created considerable controversy, despite the fact that it is generally well-regarded. A Minnesota parent attempted in vain in 2010 to get the book Bone removed off the shelves of all public elementary schools in the state.


It’s not only Bone that’s been harmed by the behind-the-scene controversy at either. Netflix’s animated version of Roald Dahl’s The Twist hasn’t been cancelled but has been retooled from a programme into a feature picture. An adaptation of Lauren Faust’s Toil and Trouble will also now be a movie rather than a prolonged series.

A cost-cutting strategy by Netflix as it loses customers is under consideration

When it rains, it pours, and Netflix is having a rough go of it right now. The loss of 2 million Netflix customers is anticipated to worsen over the coming several months, according to the company’s own announcement this week. This is the first time in a decade that Netflix has lost subscribers quarter-over-quarter. This has led to a surge of dissatisfied former (and some present) subscribers providing their perspective on where Netflix is going wrong.

With streaming service cancellations on the upswing, owing in large part to the increasing cost of living, it would seem that one of the last things Netflix needs right now is another programme cancellation. But this scenario is a bit different. While an animated rendition of Bone was theoretically fascinating, it’s tough to grieve something you never truly had. Perhaps the series would have been a success, but now we’ll never know.


Perhaps Netflix is being more careful about which series it greenlights in an attempt to minimise expenses, concentrating more on material that’s likely to be a success and reach the biggest possible audience.

Netflix eliminating outstanding series like Archive 81 earlier this year hurts considerably more than this one. Projects are often cancelled behind the scenes without anybody being aware of it, it should be highlighted. In this particular situation, there is extra curiosity since Bone was an adaptation of a famous comic book series, but it’s not out of the usual for projects to be cancelled before ever seeing the light of day.


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