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Motorola’s next Android flagship will boast better camera specs


Additionally, one camera function that we have come to enjoy will be removed from the Moto X30 Pro.

(Image credit: Android Central)

What you must understand

  • The camera specifications of Motorola’s upcoming flagship smartphone have been teased.
  • Three different focal lengths will be used by the camera module in the Moto X30 Pro.
  • It appears that the forthcoming smartphone won’t include an ultra-wide lens.

Early in the year, there were a few leaks and rumors regarding Motorola’s upcoming flagship device, but they have since been rare. The next premium handset is currently the subject of a fresh leak from Motorola itself.


Future Motorola flagship Android devices will feature previously unheard of camera specifications. The Moto X30 Pro’s camera specifications were revealed by the Chinese company on Weibo (opens in new tab), according to GSMArena (opens in new tab). Three alternative focal lengths will be available on the camera module of the Moto X30 Pro: a 35mm wide-angle lens, a 50mm portrait lens, and an 85mm telephoto lens.

It’s possible that this is the Motorola Frontier, which was mentioned in leaks earlier this year and is said to be equipped with a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 CPU.

These camera specifications are unheard of in the top Android phones. A triple or quadruple camera configuration with wide, telephoto (or macro), and ultrawide lenses has become the standard for mobile devices. It is clear that Motorola is moving away from that group.


In addition, the Moto X30 Pro might sport a sizable camera sensor to match its unusual focal lengths. According to a leak from February, the Motorola Frontier will come with a Samsung 200MP Isocell HP1 sensor. We got the sensor’s greatest look yet a month later.

The newly released teaser emphasizes Motorola’s efforts to depart from the conventional camera module present on many of the top Android photography phones, such as the Google Pixel 6 series and Samsung Galaxy S22 models.

In July, Motorola will announce a new phone with a 200MP camera, so it won’t be long before we learn how the Moto X30 Pro or Frontier compare to the competition.


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