Lizzo cracks up during a Saturday Night Live Mario and Luigi skit


Lizzo was a musical guest and host on Saturday Night Live last night, and she entertained us with a series of bizarre comedy. When she married Steve (Andrew Dismukes), he dedicated his whole life to his collection of Beanie Babies. Lizzo plays Steve’s girlfriend, and when his pals inquired about what he was going to do for money, Steve told them there was an alternative plan in place.

Just like other millennials, they were assured this plan would provide them with money when they grew old, but it has been known to fail. To Steve, having a Beanie Baby collection is a way to earn extra money and keep the business running. Despite the fact that everyone else appears to know that there is no money to be found, Steve and his business partner remain optimistic.

However, this is the type of drawing that makes you want to vomit a little bit. And this is particularly true for those kids who clung to their Beanie Baby collection out of fear that it might one day be used to assist them with the cost of their university educations. What happened to all the money we had hoped to get from Legs the Frog?


When Steve hears that his Beanie Babies are worthless, he loses his cool and destroys his collection. To be honest, that’s probably what every millennial wanted to do since we’d been trained for years to safeguard these things. Because we hoped they’d be useful to us in the future, some were even stored in safe places. Our toys had been taken away from us because someone felt we might profit from them.

Consequently, we can understand Steve’s rage. However, it’s admirable that Steve has so much energy, considering he’s just given up his career and all of his resources. Instead of putting up with a job you hate, why not take your Beanie Baby money and go tour the world?

However, he must first confirm the existence of his Beanie Baby funds before taking the plunge. Throwing those toys on the ground? Steve may not be enjoying the life of his dreams. A new type of fantasy.


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