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Latest important Elden Ring patch brings free DLC and plenty of bug fixes


The Elden Ring is a large game, in terms of both content and scope. In its first major patch, this massive open-world game received a scattering of new content, making it even more enjoyable for those who have previously completed it.

v1.03 of Elden Ring is now available on all platforms and is a free download. ‘ There are several corrections for bugs and glitches in this patch, as is the case with most video game updates. Changes to prevent players from falling through the map and a long-overdue fix for a problem with stat scaling on some weapons are just two of the many additions.

Elden Ring’s first major patch is notable not just because it fixes issues, but because it expands the game’s already extensive content. Although no new regions or enemies are introduced in Patch v1.03, a new NPC called Jar-Bairn joins the game and current missions are expanded with additional stages.


Elden Ring is now more easier to get your hands on thanks to the latest patch. For starters, summonable NPCs may now be summoned in more places. In addition, the absence of a typical mission log, which was one of the game’s main critiques, has been rectified.

An in-game map feature that allows players to note an NPC’s name and position should help streamline the game’s laborious quest tracking, even if it doesn’t introduce a comprehensive quest tracker. When everything else fails, there’s an iPhone app that can assist you.

Finally, several portions of the open world have been given new ambient music. I recommend this patch to anybody who has previously played through the Lands Between for a long period of time and has become tired of hearing the same music. The full patch notes are available on the Elden Ring website if you’d want a complete list of all the changes this version introduces.


As a result of Elden Ring’s massive commercial success, this first patch was released. In its first two weeks on the market, the critically acclaimed game sold 12 million copies. To put that in perspective, Dark Souls 3 had sold approximately 10 million units after only four years on the market.

It’s no surprise that publisher Bandai Namco has already declared that Elden Ring is now deemed a franchise and will be extended in the future after it completely smashed its sales estimates. A surge of new Elden Ring material is anticipated to follow this initial big patch in the coming several years.


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