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iPhone manufacture to be impacted by new Covid-19 shut down in China


There is a chance that new iPhone models would be delayed if Shenzhen is put under lockdown.

Due to a fresh outbreak of COVID-19, your new iPhone SE 2022 or iPhone 13 may take a little longer to arrive.

A fresh week-long lockdown has been imposed in Shenzhen after 60 additional COVID cases were detected on Sunday, according to Bloomberg and Nikkei Asia. Foxconn has two plants in Shenzhen, both of which have been forced to shut down production as a result of the lockout. There is a possibility that Apple’s newly announced iPhones might be affected by the closure of this site.


As part of the “Great Chip Shortage,” Apple and other firms have already had to deal with delayed shipment schedules owing to difficulty obtaining enough chipsets and delivering the final items. As a result, the length of the lockout might have an impact on iPhone manufacturing.

As a result, Foxconn has allegedly moved most of the iPhone manufacturing to its Zhengzhou factory. It’s not clear how much output is shifting, but maybe this will lessen the effect of the lockout. Another thing to consider is that the demand for new devices is lower than usual during the holiday shopping season.

Besides Apple, Shenzhen is home to many more enterprises and partners. This is where OnePlus, Huawei, and Oppo have their headquarters, as well as Foxconn, which manufactures goods for Samsung, Google, and several other firms in addition to Apple. Expect delays for items such as OnePlus 10 Pro and Google Pixel 6a if this lockdown is extended or continues to be implemented.


Until Sunday, March 20, the lockdown in Shenzhen is scheduled to end. To ensure that Shenzhen’s 17 million residents and firms like Foxconn can return to their usual routines, authorities should ease restrictions as scheduled.

However, if the lockdown is extended longer, we may face a delay in the arrival of new Apple goods.


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