iPhone 14 dummy unit teased design for all four new models


According to Leaker, this model will be the “most popular by far.”

(Image credit: iUpdate)

Although there have been some discrepancies amongst the iPhone 14 leaks we’ve seen so far, they appear to be largely consistent.

For headlines, we anticipate an iPhone 14 Max to replace the iPhone 13 small, while the iPhone 14 Pro models are expected to gain from a new massive 48MP camera and might also dump the unpopular notch for something even more divisive.


Dummy units are an excellent way to compare the two designs since, despite their differences, they seem quite similar in unoffical representations. For anyone interested in seeing a more accurate comparison of the current iPhone 14 models to what’s already on sale, check out this new video from iUpdate(opens in new tab).

There will be no major design changes between the ordinary iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max, based on this video, which suggests that the iPhone 14 will appear very much like its predecessor.

This year’s most popular model will be “by far,” says Sam Kohl, who is a presenter at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. It “just feels right,” he says, noting the two cameras on the rear.


The Pro models, on the other hand, provide the most definitive indication of what to expect in 2019. You can see the difference in the camera bumps on the last year’s iPhone 13 Pro and the 14 Pro dummy by comparing them.

“Oh, that’s not just a camera bump, that’s a camera hump,” screams Kohl while comparing the two images side by side. A 48MP bump should provide some of the greatest iPhone photography yet, so it’s there for a purpose.

When it comes to the notch, you’re better off using images of the iPhone 14 Pro, as these mockups don’t really have displays. However, Kohl’s believes that customers will be first surprised, but will quickly adapt to the new system.


Apple’s upselling gamble

There is little doubt that Apple will begin to take upselling seriously in 2022 based on these fake units and other information we’ve received so far.

These mockups suggest that the standard iPhone 14 will appear almost identical to the iPhone 13, with any significant changes saved for the Pro variants. There’s also a strong speculation that the Apple A15 processor from last year would be retained.

The iPhone 14 Pro must stand out if Apple hopes to sell more of them, so that makes sense. It’s simple to see why “faster” and “better cameras” are attractive marketing elements for any product. As a result, the iPhone 14 Pro Max will be able to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra, which we’ve already discussed in our iPhone 14 Pro Max versus Galaxy S22 Ultra comparison.


There is no reason I couldn’t buy last year’s model instead of this year’s model if it looks and functions just like the standard iPhone 14. If Apple doesn’t want its regular top seller to be left on shop shelves come September, it must provide an answer to this issue.

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