iOS 16 just rumored always-on display for iPhone 14 Pro


Give us an iPhone with an always-on display, Apple.

(Image credit: Apple via YouTube)

According to iOS 16 code discovered by 9to5Mac in the developer beta, we may have to wait until the iPhone 14 to get an always-on display (opens in new tab).

After all, the iOS 16 preview showed off an always-on display for those who attended WWDC 2022 yesterday (June 6). In spite of the additional lock screen features, improved sharing capabilities, and some new Apple Pay choices that were mentioned in Apple’s iPhone software preview, where oh where was the always on display?


In the years since Android phones first began using it, this has been a common refrain from iPhone owners. However, iOS 16 has practically unlocked the hitherto immutable iPhone lock screen. The Apple Watch has also had an AOD option since the Series 5 of the Apple Watch, so it just feels like Apple is taunting us now.

Obviously, the AOD will be included in the iPhone 14, but where does that leave us?… Moreover, developer code reveals this to be true.

The code strings of importance all pertain to the iPhone’s backlight, which will be necessary for the always-on display to work.. The secret app that powers the lock screen and home screen, iOS Springboard, is the most telling part of the code.


To test this feature, it appears that an iPhone 13 running iOS 16 beta may be made to work. This capability, however, is most likely only present on the iPhone 14 Pro. According to reports, the new iPhones will be able to employ a 120Hz variable refresh rate, like the iPhone 13 Pro, but the new iPhones will reportedly have an option for a lower refresh rate. Like the Apple Watch, an always-on display for the iPhone would allow it to work at its most efficient level.

When it comes to the always-on display, we hope Apple doesn’t overcomplicate it so much that it falls behind Android. If only iOS notifications had changed more, the lock screen would be more welcome when you wake up the phone, rather than a possible barrage of notifications that need your attention.


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