HDMI cables tipped with a major upgrade to make your life easier


Powerful transmission over greater distances is promised by HDMI Cable Power.

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To make your life a little bit easier when using HDMI cables to connect your best TVs and soundbars, a new function is on the way. For devices like Blu-ray players and streaming video players, HDMI Cable Power is a function that enables them to power HMDI cables over a set distance.

For longer connections, you’ll no longer need to use a USB-C cable in addition to an HDMI cable. Using HDMI Cable Power will eliminate this requirement.


The HDMI Licensing Administrator (LA), which oversees the introduction of new HDMI products, has given the green light to HDMI Cable Power.

As a result, if your gaming console or other electronic device is immediately next to your TV, you won’t require HDMI Cable Power. However, anyone who has to connect a gadget in one area to a display in another room will find this beneficial.

There are new cables with the feature that draw up to 300 mA from the 5V supply of the source, which is sufficient for long-distance transmission. The HDMI LA hasn’t yet stated how far those distances are, and there are certain particular limits on the HDMI.


For starters, you’ll need a Cable Power-compatible HDMI cable and a Cable Power-compatible device, neither of which are on the market yet.

Additionally, you must be careful in the manner in which those wires are connected. When connecting a device to an HDMI source (transmitting) port, the other end must be connected to an HDMI sink (receiver) port, as specified by HDMI LA.

Cable Power will be made accessible in all four of the major HDMI cord types now available, according to HDMI LA, including standard, high-speed and premium high-speed cables as well as ultra high-speed ones. It is the latter model that includes HDMI 2.1a.)


Fortunately, any HDMI cable with Cable Power will work just like any other HDMI cable – simply plug it in. As an added bonus, the wires may be used to connect an external sound system, which is great if you need to do so.

We don’t know when the new cables will be released, but we’ll keep a look out for them. And the eye-rolling that ensues for those who now have yet more HDMI cable specification to keep track of.


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