Hulu canceled this 87 % Rotten Tomatoes show


We won’t get a third season of Woke

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Hulu’s live-action/live-animation comedy Woke season 2 premiered barely three months ago, but it doesn’t look that the show’s audience is big enough to warrant season 3. There will be no more episodes of the show, based on the life of painter Keith Knight, according to Deadline(opens in new tab).

Keef Knight, a Black cartoonist who created the purposefully light Toast & Butter comic, was the subject of the television presentation. He is disturbed by the police’s racially biased profiling, and he uses his newfound understanding of societal injustice in his job as the Knight sees and hears common objects.


T. Murph, Sasheer Zamata and JB Smoove starred in Woke as did Lamorne Morris and Blake Anderson, and the show was created by Knight and Marshall Todd.

Despite the lack of specifics in the Deadline story, it is quite likely that the show failed to garner the ratings needed to support a third season. Shows on streaming services can be seen endlessly, but it’s challenging to get viewers to stick around if the show doesn’t get traction in its first few months unless there’s an unexpected surge in interest from an online viral video or something like that.

When you take a glance at Rotten Tomatoes, it’s easy to see why people could be bored. There were simply not enough reviews for the second season to earn an official score, but the first season had a respectable 74 percent fresh score(opens in new tab). That’s a shame, because the audience rating increased from 76% in the first season to a whopping 97% in the second (opens in new tab).


In this brave new world of streaming, establishing a good first impression is critical.

Streaming can be brutal

As I’ve previously stated, canceling projects with multi-million dollar budgets comes with an inherent danger of being regarded as a “trigger-happy” producer. Anyone who is interested in hearing about your latest book will not pay attention if you are unable or unable to complete the story you have started.

The sleeper success no longer exists in a world where Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu are in charge of discovering the next big thing. Netflix has already canceled more than ten shows in 2022 because they didn’t meet the expected viewership expectations.


Woke, for example, is one of the most popular series in the world, but it took a bit for the show to establish its voice, which is unfortunate. Would a streaming giant allow series like Seinfeld and The Office, which had low ratings in their early years, a chance to flourish? It’s highly unlikely, and that’s a huge source of concern.

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