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How to watch Survivor season 42 online anywhere


The castaways of Survivor season 42 are pushed to the edge.

(Image credit: CBS)

It all begins again as you go on to watch Survivor season 42 on the internet. This season of the reality programme has been dubbed “one of the most dramatic” by CBS. Like Survivor 41, it’s a shorter segment. Over the course of 26 days, the 18 candidates will be pushed to their physical and mental limits.

In addition to the fact that food is short and supplies and resources are restricted, the quicker pace will be more painful.



  • Survivor season 42 premieres today (Wednesday, March 9)
  • Time — 8 p.m. ET/PT
  • U.S. — Watch on CBS via Fubo.TV or Paramount Plus

Once again, the cast will reflect society’s diversity. CBS has pledged to have a cast that is 50% Black, Indigenous, or People of Color by 2020. (BIPOC). Challenges and tribe councils will be overseen by host Jeff Probst.

Ika, Taku, and Vati will be the first three tribes on Survivor 42 to go head-to-head. Both the “Beware” advantages from last season and the hidden immunity idols will be in play. It’s possible that there may be further surprises in store for gamers.

Everything you need to know about how to watch Survivor season 42 is right here. You can check out a teaser of the cast below, or you can scroll down for the entire list.


Wherever you are, you can watch Survivor 42.

Even if you don’t have access to CBS, you can still watch Survivor season 42 if you’re away from your own television. With the correct VPN, it’s possible to watch the programme and the rest of the internet at the same time (virtual private network). No matter where you are, you may watch the programme online.

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To watch Survivor season 42 in the United States, follow these instructions.

On Wednesday, March 9, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS, Survivor 42 will debut.


With the finest TV antennas or a cable TV bundle, you can watch CBS, a local broadcast network.

Instead of paying for cable, you may watch CBS using a live TV service like FuboTV, Hulu With Live TV, YouTube TV, or DirecTV Stream if you previously cut the cord.

FuboTV is a top-notch streaming service that you should check out.


With a Premium membership, you may also watch your local CBS station’s live broadcast on Paramount Plus.

Season 42 of Survivor is now airing in the United States.

Survivor 42 is available to Canadians at the same time and date as it is to the rest of the world. At 8:00 PM ET/PT, it may be seen on Global TV or streamed through the Global TV streaming service on Wednesdays.


How to watch Survivor season 42 in the United Kingdom?

Survivor season 42 will not be shown in the United Kingdom.

Anybody visiting the UK who wants to utilise the services they currently pay for may take advantage of this option.

Survivor season 42 cast

(Image credit: CBS)


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