Google Pixel 6 glitch leads to reject calls automatically — how to fix


Since the Pixel 6 was released, there have been a slew of issues, and the list keeps growing. The most recent problem is a nuisance that automatically rejects calls without informing you of their existence.

image via android authority

Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro owners have flocked to Reddit to voice their displeasure with the new software glitch. Even calls from stored contacts are being denied without any ringing or indication as a result of the glitch, according to users.

Irate bug because it prevents you from using your phone as it should be. You need to be able to filter calls and pick them up when appropriate, whether you’re routinely getting calls for work or you’re anticipating something significant.


Instead, a missed call message is not sent when a call goes directly to voicemail. However, the call log keeps a record of missed calls, which are marked as refused.

And it seems that this isn’t an isolated incident either; a Reddit post from December of last year mentions the same problem. Even though the issue is becoming increasingly widespread, Google has failed to recognise it as a concern at the time of this writing.

After removing Spam Call filtering, Do Not Disturb, and Wi-Fi Calling, users have reported receiving rejected calls. Verizon’s spam filtering was initially blamed by one PhoneArena commenter, but the problem now seems to be affecting many carriers.


Because of the bug’s nature, we have had difficulty duplicating it. Neither my Pixel 6 Pro’s call history nor that of Tom’s Guide Editor-in-Chief Marc McLaren had any mysteriously refused calls.

This is simply another glitch that Google will have to address. Those who possess a Pixel 6 have experienced this misery firsthand, as the phone has been plagued by several issues since its release. Users have experienced troubles with Wi-Fi, camera malfunctions, flickering displays, and other concerns.

Most of these problems may be swiftly resolved by Google, but it seems that as soon as one problem is resolved, another one pops up. In spite of the fact that I have not had any severe troubles with my phone, a large number of other folks have. This is something that Google will have to do a lot better at preventing in the future.


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