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The release date of The Boys season 3 has come early.

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Surprise! The release date for the third season of The Boys has been pushed back, as one of Prime’s best shows returns. Soldier Boy, a new Supe, has also been introduced (Jensen Ackles).

In the third season of The Boys, which is currently streaming on Amazon Prime, everyone is thrust into unusual situations. After Starlight’s “I was dating a Nazi” debacle, Homelander is now the focus of the entire world’s attention. Nevertheless, we’re puzzled by his forced smile and frequent statement to the press that “from of crises comes change. We’re placing our bets on a particularly sick and depraved member of the Homeland community, but how?



  • The Boys season 3 debuted early, at around 9 p.m. ET on Thursday (June 2) on Amazon Prime Video.
  • The first three episodes drop at the same time, and one each follows the following Fridays.

The government and its most powerful secret Supe, Congresswoman Victoria Neuman, are reporting directly to Hughie. V is about to fall into Butcher’s hands and he’ll have an opportunity to test his convictions that powers are bad.

Another character lurking in the shadows is Stan Edgar (Giancarlo Esposito), who is expected to be as divisive as ever. This season’s Herogasm (yes, you read it correctly) arc will be three times more bloody as the previous one, according to rumours. Not to mention that this isn’t even the most insane part of the holiday season yet (which is one of our picks for the new shows to watch in June).

It’s not clear what that content might include. What will become of Homelander (Antony Starr), Billy the Butcher, Hughie, Jack Quaid, and Erin Moriarty, among others) and the gang is a hot topic among fans. See what I thought about The Boys season 3 in our review, which is free of spoilers.


You can watch The Boys season 3 online here, along with a new Soldier Boy-starring clip. In the clip, Ackles’ character says that only losers do drugs, which was released as a teaser for the new season. How will this conflict with the actual character: We can’t wait to see!

In the United States, how can I watch The Boys season 3?

The Boys season 3 is currently available on Amazon Prime Video in the United States (opens in new tab).

The first three episodes premiered simultaneously, while the remaining five are released on Fridays on a staggered schedule.


Is there anything more you’d like to watch? This week, South Park The Streaming Wars will be available for internet viewing, so fans can get their fix of South Park once more. To top it all off, here’s how to catch the third episode of Obi-Wan Kenobi on demand. The next Better Call Saul episode will not be available until July, which is a real bummer.

Watch The Boys Season 3 Streaming Online Right Now!

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The Boys season 3 episode schedule

  • The Boys season 3 episode 1: June 3
  • The Boys season 3 episode 2: June 3
  • The Boys season 3 episode 3: June 3
  • The Boys season 3 episode 4: June 10
  • The Boys season 3 episode 5: June 17
  • The Boys season 3 episode 6: June 24
  • The Boys season 3 episode 7: July 1
  • The Boys season 3 episode 8: July 8

The Boys season 3 reviews 

This season of The Boys isn’t just bloodier and wilder than ever before, but it’s also more emotionally resonant than the previous outings. More character development is given to the cast, especially Laz Alonso (M.M.), as we learn more about their personalities.

Eric Kripke and the rest of The Boys’ creative team have returned with a sensational episode that will delight fans of the show.

“Character beats can be predictable when Butcher regresses as a father or the deadness in his eyes erases what small flickers of humanity grew, but it is still the character beats that showrunner Eric Kripke achieves best with The Boys,” says Matt Donato at IGN. However, it’s still incredibly bloody, packed with hard truths, and ready to blow if Butcher or Homelander eventually lay down the gauntlet.


a teaser for season 3 of The Boys

New roles for Billy Butcher and the group were revealed in the first full trailer for season 3 of The Boys.

Then there’s a teaser for the show’s in-house movie, Dawn of the Seven. A flash drive holds the keys to the universe’s salvation. And, of course, it will be released in theatres and on Vought+.


In the above red band teaser, we were given our first official look at The Boys season 3, which appears to have Billy Butcher’s eyes exploding out with gigantic lasers. An all-star boy band, an American flag-themed porn toy, and the first hint of Soldier Boy’s return are all included (more on him below).

The cast of The Boys season 3

Urban, Quaid and Moriarty are all pictured on set, so we can assume they’ll be back along with other cast members including John Homelander’s Antony Starr and Maggie Shaw’s Dominique McElligott, A-Reggie Train’s Franklin’s Jessie T. Usher, and The Female’s Karen Fukuhara and Tomer Capon.


It has also been confirmed that Gaston Villanueva will portray the supe known as Supersonic in the next film. Drummer Boy was the alias he used when he was dating Starlight.

When The Boys’ third season starts, fans can expect to see at least two new faces. With Katia Winter (Dexter), who has previously worked with Vought and employed a version of Compound V to create new supes, joining the cast as Little Nina. Soldier Boy will be played by Jensen Ackles, best known for his role on Supernatural. Previously, this character was mentioned on the show and referred to as “the original superhero.”

Photos of Jensen Ackles from The Boys season 3


We’re seeing a lot more of Jensen Ackles, the new cast member, now that he’s on set. Check out the first picture of Soldier Boy in costume on Amazon:

When it comes to The Boys, what else is there to say? In this snapshot Karl Urban posted on Instagram, Jensen Ackles and Jack Quaid can be seen flipping the bird with Karl Urban and the rest of the cast. It’s also halfway through the season, Urban adds.

For The Boys season 3, Jensen Ackles appears to have had a little haircut in this most recent photo from the set. As Soldier Boy, what do you think of this new look for him? Only time will tell if this is a good idea or not.


On April 19, Jensen Ackles began filming for The Boys season 3, which is undoubtedly the show’s most notable addition. It appears that Soldier Boy may be in need of a haircut based on the photo he posted.

In season 2, Mr. Edgar (Giancarlo Esposito) revealed that the Soldier Boy persona was one of the World War II troops who received Compound V. The only difference between Soldier Boy and Stormfront was that Frederick Vought had already joined the Allies.

There’s little doubt that Soldier Boy would be an excellent riff on Captain America. This is what the comic books portray him as. Payback, the team that preceded The Seven, was commanded by him there. There were Crimson Countess and Eagle the Archer and Tek Knight and… Stormfront in his group.


With the addition of Soldier Boy, Laz Alonso (who portrays Mother’s Milk) says that The Boys can now make “all of the other ensemble Supes darker as well.”

Following his 15-year reign as Supernatural’s star, actor Jenson Ackles “jumped at the position,” according to Eric Kripke, the showrunner of “The Boys” (opens in new tab). “He contacted me back in three minutes and said, ‘I definitely want to do this!'” ” And Ackles was added to the cast within a week of that.

Set of The Boys Season 3


“American Hero,” a reality show dubbed “The Boys,” appears in the latest set photo from season 3. Photo by Insauga shows a $50 million mansion in Mississiuga, Ontario, with an American Hero billboard at the top.

Dawn of the Seven” has finally arrived in theatres, according to a fresh leak.

As indicated by this tweet, Antony Starr(opens in new tab) has reported for service and put on the boots of a Homelander.


The Boys season 3 cast member Eric Kripke (opens in a new tab) has shared the first shot from the set. It’s not that revealing, though it is a bit titillating. The photo features a gold statue of Homelander and emphasises on his, uh, package.

The third season of The Boys is about to begin.

Some shocking disclosures regarding Stormfront were made in the season finale of The Boys last year (Aya Cash). She turned revealed to be a Nazi and the wife of Vought’s founder.


The Seven and Vought’s history will be further explored in Season 3. Jensen Ackles has been cast in the role of Soldier Boy. Stormfront, Eagle the Archer, Tek Knight, and Chrimson Countess were part of the original Payback squad.

As Kripke explained to Entertainment Weekly, “We’re interested in addressing a little bit of how we got here” with Soldier Boy and the team Payback in season 3. (opens in new tab). To some extent, America’s history and how we arrived at our current precarious state may be traced back to the supes’ origins. To do so, Soldier Boy provides us with an opportunity.”

This “precarious situation” has gotten even more fraught since Kripke described it in October, when white supremacy and violence still exist and individuals attempt to fight back.


This strangely utopian “good old days” where everything was lovely and quiet is often used by certain politicians. Kripke called that “total and utter bulls—-.” I don’t remember it ever being that way. The history of Vought in America provides us with the opportunity to make some of these points. ‘Make America Great Again’ has never existed in the United States of America. It was never easy. In other words, that’s the whole point. Making things better is a battle.”

Season 3 of The Boys is expected to feature one of the most talked about suspected sequences, Herogasm, a sexual retreat for superheroes. “The dailies are nuts,” said Kripke to EW. I’ve gone to this neighbourhood before. I’ve worked as a producer for a long time. During those daily updates, my mouth was open in disbelief each and every time. I was in a state of shock at the absurdity of those morning newspapers. It’s outlandish. I can assure anyone who is a fan of the comic and hoping to see Herogasm that we will make good on that promise. That is now taking place.” There is a “crazier thing” that Kripke mentioned, though, in episode 1.

If there’s one thing we know to look forward to in The Boys season 3, it’s… There is going to be a lot of bloodshed.


For the most violent season yet, Laz Alonso—who plays Mother’s Milk—told Collider. That’s saying something.

After speaking with the head makeup artist, he learned that one of her many duties was ordering the blood. All of Season 2… She informed me about it. I don’t think they used more than a gallon of blood in Season 2, despite what you might think. Three and a half litres of blood have already been spilled in Season 3. Hopefully, that will provide some insight into where things are headed.


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