iOS 15.6 beta: Here are the new iPhone features


iOS 15.6 brings a few bug fixes and performance improvements ahead of iOS 16.

At WWDC 2022, Apple will be showcasing iOS 16, but the company hasn’t given up on iOS 15. Apple’s iOS 15.6 public beta has begun rolling out to users in the company’s public beta programme, which has previously received the second beta of the software.

New features like Apple Pay Cash in the Wallet app and a “Apple Account Card” were added in iOS 15.5, the release that preceded iOS 15.6. The iOS 15.5 beta version also includes a new option to limit the number of podcast episodes that can be kept on your iPhone.


The updates in iOS 15.6 beta 2 aren’t as significant. There are still a few problems that need to be fixed and a few modifications that need to be made. The iOS 15.6 update will introduce a variety of new features to iPhones.

Apple Music glitch in iOS 15.6

Reinstalling Apple Music from the App Store resulted in other apps being kicked off of the dock because of an iOS problem. In iOS 15.6 beta 2, the app will display on the homescreen instead of the app drawer.

Accessibility options in iOS 15.6

New accessibility settings were hinted at in the first beta of iOS 15.6. Apple hinted at a number of changes coming to its devices later this year during World Accessibility Day back in May, and we assume that iOS 15.6 sets the ground for some of these. One of Apple’s more intriguing accessibility features is Live Captions, which provides real-time closed captioning for people with hearing impairments in social networking and video apps like FaceTime. Those who have speech impairments will appreciate the Siri Pause Time setting that allows them to control how long Siri takes to react, while those unfamiliar with their surroundings will appreciate the Door Detection feature that utilises sensors on their Apple devices.

The availability of any of these accessibility capabilities in iOS 15.6 is yet uncertain, but Apple has stated that it will implement them.

In addition, it appears that iOS 15.6 includes a possibility to conceal the emoji search button on the standard keyboard.


iOS 15.6 and iOS 16.1

Just before Apple unveils iOS 16, the company has released iOS 15.6 with a revamped lockscreen, improved notifications, and other features. New software will not be released until the fall, however. (If you’re interested in seeing the iOS 16 preview and other Apple announcements, here’s how to watch the WWDC livestream.)

Because of this, iOS 15.6 should be ready for iPhones after WWDC, if the beta process of past iOS releases is an indicator of what to expect. Before releasing a final version to the public, Apple releases several beta versions.


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