Fortnite Zero Build is a game-changing update for all players


New game modes in Fortnite have stripped the game of what many consider its most important mechanic: building. Even though you’ve seen gameplay videos showing gamers quickly erecting two-story houses, this was a surprise. Despite the fact that video like those have always drawn attention, they have also made the game more difficult for those who lack construction experience.

Players were required to either work around or master the feature in order to properly enjoy the game. Until Epic made one of the finest choices conceivable and created a mode for “the big kids” who simply want things between you and me and my weapons. As a result, the game is now more enjoyable for all players, regardless of experience level.

Your best shot is to go for it.

Players were excited when Fortnite’s Zero Build mode was released. Professional players were unexpected in their enthusiasm, given that much of the buzz was generated by casuals who were unable to keep up with the high-skill build meta. The new mode has been lauded by Fortnite fans like Upshall Games and Ninja, who now play it nearly exclusively. Epic has surprised everyone by introducing a new mode that has left gamers questioning why it wasn’t in the game before.


The first week of Zero Builds brought a surprising influx of Fortnite gamers to my Twitter account. Because of the style and how easy it is for anybody to win, I’ve even convinced my girlfriend and sister, who aren’t the greatest gamers in the world, to like the game even more (especially in team playlists). Even after five years, the game has become more accessible to newcomers. Even more striking is the fact that no-build does not destroy the high-level player’s desire for technology.

It’s fun for me to move it about

Since the game’s mobility was updated, it seems that the Fortnite team was already planned to remove Zero Build from the game. A sliding motion, followed by a full-on tactical sprint, and then the opportunity to execute some serious parkour with mantling, provided gamers a new rhythm. Fortnite’s new Zero Build mode, inspired by Apex Legends, emphasises speed and agility above everything else.


Three Fortnite players rushing over a roof.

Players must depend on their feet and awareness alone to avoid crossfire and strike their target if they lack the capacity to develop away from situations and into mix-up techniques. For example, the shotgun slide is a well-known move from which I’ve reaped several benefits. Sliding towards an attacker while firing a weapon is part of this technique. If you don’t anticipate it or respond with your own movement, it’s difficult to monitor.

We’re still in Zero Build’s infancy, even though I can already accomplish so much. As players find new movement and playstyles, the game might continue to change and grow with them. In addition to the jetpack item, which is a fantastic tool for airborne strafing and stealthy cross-up shots, Epic is experimenting with new concepts and testing what works in the mode with more upgrades, as shown in the latest release.

The issue with constructions

Building has always been a problem in Fortnite, despite it being the primary element of the game. In a game this popular and with such an eclectic player base, some players saw it as an optional feature. Of course everyone can create.


Even professional players have seen constructing as a feature that interferes with the game’s smooth flow. With constructions, every fight became a difficult game of chess because of wall-holding, which becomes even more unpleasant since the internet isn’t always reliable. Upshall, a Zero Build fan, has noted difficulties like these while discussing why they like the game so much.

As the most popular game on Earth, Fortnite is presently in a better position than ever before. As a dedicated fan of the game, I didn’t expect it to become much bigger five years later, but that’s what happens when firms put their games out to the general public.

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