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Asia’s Leaks Details on iPad Air 5, iPhone SE 3, and ‘Mac Studio’ Ahead of Apple’s ‘Peek Performance’


Rumors about today’s “Peek Performance” Apple event seem to have come from Asian sources, according to MacRumors.

How to watch Apple's Peek Performance Event live stream on March

Naver user “yeux1122” has given a great amount of insights on the products likely to be presented at Apple’s “Peek Performance” event later today, including fresh rumours about the fifth-generation iPad Air and the third generation of the iPhone SE. Despite the fact that the account seems to be an amalgamation of probable rumours from industry and supply chain sources rather than an original source, messages from recent days frequently appear to match reports that have appeared elsewhere.

When a report was made earlier today on Naver, it claimed that Apple’s fifth-generation iPad Air will be powered by the M1 processor. According to 9to5Mac, the next iPad Air will be powered by the M1 processor. Apple’s fifth-generation iPad Air is expected to be powered by the M1 processor, according to a number of unconfirmed sources originating in Asia, although the specific source of these allegations remains a mystery.


According to a “yeux1122” Naver account, Apple is expected to release a third-generation iPhone SE with MagSafe, Ceramic Shield, and improved battery life.

The account last week published a rumour from 9to5Mac that claimed Apple was working on a “Mac Studio” gadget that seems to be a combination between the Mac Pro and the Mac mini. In addition to the predicted Mac mini and Mac Pro, it will reportedly be based on the Mac mini, according to the report.

One version of the gadget will have “much more powerful hardware,” according to the article. The M1 Max processor released in the 2021 MacBook Pro models will be used in one machine, while a more powerful Apple silicon chip will be used in the other. The Mac Studio is said to have the codename “J375” internally, and although that might change, it is geared at professionals and will be marketed with a 7K “Apple Studio Display” that Apple also has in the works..


YouTuber Luke Miani has revealed images of what the Mac Studio and Studio Display are said to look like ahead of the Apple event when the high-end gadgets are expected to be shown. It has become more difficult to determine the source of information on these gadgets because of recent reports that have sparked discussion on Asian social media platforms.

However, there seems to be a steady stream of last-minute speculations pouring out of Asia concerning Apple’s scheduled announcements today, including the Mac Studio, 7K Studio Display, and the fifth-generation iPad Air, which 9to5Mac could not explain the source of.

According to the “yeux1122” account, Apple plans to release a new iPad mini with an 8.7-inch display and a chassis that is wider and thinner than the fifth-generation iPad mini in the second half of 2021, which is a claim that has been debunked. A report about the iPad mini’s display size was wrong, but the rumour about its chassis and release date was right.


Now, according to a new report, the “iPhone 14” and “iPhone 14 Max” models will have the same bezel size as Apple’s iPhone 13 series, while the “iPhone 14 Pro” and “iPhone 14 Pro Max” would contain 8GB of RAM.

Apple’s “Peek Performance” event, which begins at 10:00 a.m. PST today, will give us an idea of what the company has in store for us. Source


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