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Apple Watch 8 recently tipped for huge 2-inch display


There may soon be a 50mm Apple Watch 8 model available.

The Apple Watch 8 might come in a bigger 50mm form, which would suggest a near 2-inch display.

Ross Young, a display analyst, at least thinks so (opens in new tab). According to him, the new Apple Watch will be larger and have a display that is projected to be 1.99 inches diagonally when it launches in September alongside the iPhone 14.


Considering that none of the models on our list of the best smartwatches are larger than 46mm, it would be a significant upgrade. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, which came in second place to the Apple Watch 7, has a 46mm top diameter.

The Apple Watch SE comes in 40mm and 44mm sizes, so it’s unclear if this will be a new size to complement the 41mm and 45mm variants that make up the current Apple Watch 7 range. Young and other tech tipsters haven’t provided any additional information, but there is potential for the 50mm model to replace the 45mm one or for the 50mm model to stand alone as a high-end Apple Watch.

Given that having greater screen space while navigating challenging environments is likely to be highly helpful when analyzing information like map instructions, a larger 50mm Apple Watch 8 could be set aside for the rumored tough Apple Watch 8 version of the wearable.


While the Apple Watch has a ton of features and applications, additional screen area to navigate them and quickly take in fitness statistics would be greatly appreciated. A larger Apple Watch display in general would be a plus for some. Speaking of the screen, a few Apple Watch 8 renders have suggested a flat edge screen, which would be a nice design upgrade and possibly offer a little bit more useful screen space.

According to the current reports, the Apple Watch 8 may only be a little improvement over the Apple Watch 7, as it is expected to use the same S6 processor. But a body temperature sensor has also been rumored for the Apple Watch 8, which may significantly improve its health tracking capabilities. For example, it might be able to detect a fever or assist with fertility testing.

A low-power mode enabled by watchOS 9 might be another unique feature of the Apple Watch 8, allowing the smartwatch to last longer than the current Series 7 model’s 18-hour battery life. When practically all of the features are turned on, a two to three-day battery life would be ideal.


Along with the new iPhones and possibly the AirPods Pro 2, we anticipate the release of the Apple Watch 8 this fall. Check out our comparison of the Apple Watch 8 and Apple Watch 7 if you’re thinking about upgrading your smartwatch.

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