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Peacock recently canceled its second TV show in two weeks


Jade City is not being pursued by Peacock.

Another eagerly awaited project at Peacock has been shelved following last week’s cancellation of its planned reworking of the iconic 1980s film Field of Dreams as a TV series. This time, a popular fantasy trilogy has been adapted for television.

Peacock has previously acknowledged that it was putting together an adaptation of Fonda Lee’s The Green Bone Saga, but the streamer has now decided to pass up the opportunity to bring this distinctive fantasy universe to life. Three novels make up the series: Jade City, Jade War, and Jade Legacy. The third volume wrapped up the narrative last year.


The trilogy, which Lee has dubbed “The Godfather with magic and kung fu,” centers on two feuding gangs battling for control of a mythical material called jade that may bestow superhuman abilities. The series has amassed a devoted following over the past five years and was awarded a World Fantasy Award in 2018.

Peacock’s intentions to turn the first book, Jade City, into a miniseries generated a lot of interest. If the first season had been successful, it is likely that the second and third novels would have also been adapted for the screen. It has been revealed that Peacock will no longer be bringing the island of Kekon to life.

Lee tweeted to confirm the information (opens in new tab). “Sorry to report that Peacock has decided not to proceed with the TV show of Jade City after years of production. It’s a major letdown. However, we are seeking for a new location for the project, and I am confident that another individual will share the Kaul family’s onscreen vision, the author added.


In a subsequent post, the author responded to the streamer and said, “On the good side, now I don’t have to subscribe to Peacock!” This humorous remark is amusing, yet it comes across as more playful than nasty.

Readers who are equally disappointed that the Kaul family’s narrative won’t be brought to life—or at least won’t be brought to life at Peacock—have expressed their disappointment in Lee’s tweet replies. Let’s hope the initiative is able to locate a new location in the near future.

This year, Peacock isn’t the only streaming service to cancel versions of well-liked series. When Netflix announced in April that it would not be moving forward with the long-in-development Bone animated series, the show’s creator also took a shot at the streaming service, but in that case the jab felt somewhat less sarcastic.


It’s unclear why Peacock chose against making Jade City, and possibly the entire Good Bone Saga, into a TV show, and the company hasn’t commented on the issue directly. Nonetheless, it’s another setback for a platform that is arguably in trouble right now.

But if Peacock wants to be a sitcom, the streamer at least has a stable of beloved shows like The Office and 30 Rock to fall back on.


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