Apple Store down before WWDC; new hardware possible


Is there a chance we’ll see some new Macs today?

(Image credit: Apple)

Normally, the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is mainly about software releases, but this year there have been numerous reports concerning possible hardware surprises, including the introduction of new MacBook models.

Is it possible that this will happen? This morning, the Apple Store’s website fell offline, which signals that the WWDC 2022 keynote will feature a product announcement.


The Apple Store never went down at WWDC 18, 19, 20, or 21 – all of the years we didn’t get any new products. The store for #WWDC22 has gone dark. In the near future, we’ll have hardware to work with. Dated: 06/06/2022

Anyone who has followed Apple events closely knows that the Apple Store normally takes a break prior to the release of new hardware. Of gear that will go on sale immediately after the official launch, to be more precise.

For example, the then-new Mac Pro 2019 — the one with the cheesegrater look — was unveiled at WWDC 2019. However, the Apple Store remained online during the entire process because the device wasn’t released until the fall of that year. Now that it’s down, it’s a good sign that something is on the way.


But what are the chances? According to reports, Apple’s upcoming VR/AR headset could be unveiled at some point in 2023. However, recent rumours have dashed our hopes for the long-rumored headgear, no matter how much we wish it were true.

Rumors of new Mac hardware have been circulating for some time. New MacBook Air 2022 and potentially even 13-inch MacBook Pro 2022 have been speculated to be powered by the new Apple M2 chip.

To help you keep up-to-date on the newest developments, we’ve set up a live blog at WWDC 2022 that you can follow.


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