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Samsung Galaxy S22 rumored to be too pricey for you?


Abolish the FE

In the past, if you wanted a new Samsung phone but couldn’t afford the high price of the flagship Galaxy S, the FE spin-off was your best option. Samsung Galaxy S22 FE may never be released, however.

According to SamMobile, the budget version of the Galaxy S22 may have been canceled, with sources claiming that a phone with the S22 FE’s expected model number just isn’t being worked on.


A midrange version of Samsung’s flagship device, the Galaxy S22 FE would not have made our top 10 best cheap phones list, but it would have been a cheaper alternative to the well-liked and high-priced Galaxy S22.

For the Galaxy S20 FE and, in theory, the Galaxy S21 FE, the latter was true. However, the Galaxy S21 FE was released so late that it did not undercut the Galaxy S21, which had already seen significant price reductions by the time its FE version was released.

This would be the third generation of Samsung’s FE line if it is released, but it’s unclear from this leak whether the company has completely given up on this Fan Edition line or will just skip a year.


The fact that we’ve heard this rumor before gives it considerable credence.

Also, there’s no word on why Samsung’s Galaxy S22 FE appears to have been canceled, but given that the S21 FE launched surprisingly close to the S22 series, it’s possible that Samsung has seen a decrease in interest for the product line.

Insight: It’s not the end of time


If you’re a fan of mid-range or budget phones, you may be irked by Samsung’s decision to discontinue the Galaxy S22 FE. However, that’s not the case.

The Galaxy S FE line has never been a good option if you’re looking for a Samsung phone at a reasonable price.

Rather, Samsung’s Galaxy A line features mid-range and low-cost handsets with high-end specs at attractive costs. For those looking for a low-cost phone, the Galaxy A13 is a good option; however, the Galaxy A53, a capable mid-range alternative to the S22, is currently on our list of the best smartphones in its price range.


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