Apple Watch 8 waterproofing rivals Casio G-Shocks


Apple Watch: Rugged or not?

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New waterproofing technology was surreptitiously revealed by Apple in April, which now makes sense given watchOS9’s increased fitness metrics and multisport features.

The’smart water detector,’ which we covered when it was issued, employs a thin membrane to determine if water has entered the gadget, as shown in the patent. Using this method, Apple would be able to safely shut down or operate water-ejection processes without the need for manual intervention.


According to ISO 22810:2010, the Apple Watch Series 7 presently has a water resistance certification of 50 meters (opens in new tab). New water detecting systems might theoretically allow Apple Watch users to dive deeper or spend more time in the water with greater safety.

Apple appears to be making a foray into the adventure watch market, taking on the likes of Casio G-Shock and Garmin, based on what we saw in watchOS9. We’ve already covered Apple’s foray into the running metrics market with the introduction of the Apple Watch.

With this patent and the watchOS9’s new multisport option for triathletes, we’re seeing the wider picture, which would allow you to transition between swimming, cycling, and running smoothly.


Additionally, Apple has introduced the SWOLF score for swimmers, which counts strokes and the time it takes to swim a typical length of a pool.

If Apple has water on its mind this time around, it may be preparing for a series of real-world experiences. Because Apple Watches aren’t as tough as rugged Garmins and almost indestructible G-Shocks, this is a major hurdle to overcome for the company.

The Apple Watch 8 could go in a new path by encasing itself in a shock-absorbing military-inspired design. With Nike hues available for the Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch 7, Apple has released limited edition watches before.


Another step in this new direction may be taken by a tough Apple Watch made of carbon fiber, rubber, or stainless steel.

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