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Apple just delivered an AR WWDC 2022 Easter egg


The WWDC next week could see a stronger role for AR.

(Image credit: Apple)

As preparations for the WWDC 2022 event begin next Monday, Apple is laying out the red carpet for its new software (June 6). Apple may be teasing WWDC attendees with augmented reality trading cards less than a week before the event kicks off.

This year’s Apple WWDC events website features a variety of Memoji characters on the AR cards. Three separate cards are found when you open the card pack. There are a plethora of sets contained in the various packs, allowing for many conceivable combinations.


You must have an iPhone or iPad in order to download the WWDC events page’s AR trading cards. Memoji cards will appear on this page if you tap on the Memoji image there. Alternatively, you can see this as a “object” to see the cards clearly and without having to explore your surroundings.

A code snippet can be seen at the bottom of the cards when they are viewed from a certain angle. You can tap on the cards to change them. Apple’s senior vice president of engineering, Craig Federighi, is known as “Hair Force One” in the industry.

Aside from being a collecting item, the cards have no intrinsic or tradable worth. Still, this is one of Apple’s most elaborate AR designs for its events.


To some extent, Apple’s use of augmented reality to tease next week’s WWDC may serve as an Easter egg for the conference’s agenda, given that it can only be accessed through mobile device. Even though most analysts don’t expect Apple’s reported VR/AR headset to be unveiled next week, the company could discuss more about its mixed reality initiatives, whether that’s on mobile devices such as the iPhone or on a future platform like the rumoured realityOS.

Aside from a few amusing collectibles, this year’s WWDC has a lot of exciting new features and products. Even though hardware is usually absent from WWDC, some speculate that the MacBook Air 2022 will be unveiled during this year’s event, despite the fact that the event is known for its software-focused presentations.


The WWDC event will be streamed live, as has been the case with other recent Apple events.

On Monday, June 6, the WWDC 2022 keynote will begin at 10:00 a.m. PST. Please follow this guide for WWDC 2022 livestreaming. Our live analysis will be available next week, and you can follow along with us at any time.


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