Apple AirTag has a new competitor with multiple designs


Using Apple’s Find My App feature, Pebblebee has released a new card and clip.

(Image credit: Pebblebee)

AirTag’s competitors include Tile, Chipolo and SmartTag. Several of these trackers rate higher on our ranking of the best key finders than Apple’s AirTag. The Pebblebee, a device that is nearly identical to Apple’s AirTag in almost every way, is now a new threat to AirTags.

When Apple opened up its Find My feature to third-party developers a year ago, Pebblebee was one of the first companies to take advantage of it. Now the Pebblebee Clip and Card, like the AirTag, will be compatible with the Find My app on iOS and macOS and the Find Items app on the Apple Watch.


Pebblebee’s tracker comes in a variety of shapes, unlike AirTag’s one-size-fits-all model. There’s a loophole so you can easily attach it to your keychain with the Pebblebee Clip. Because it is so thin, the Pebblebee Card may fit into any type of wallet or card holder, even passports and handbags.

For the Pebblebee Card, a single charge will last up to 12 months, while for the Pebblebee Clip, a single charge will last up to 6 months. USB-C chargers are included for both devices. AirTag, in contrast, has a one-year battery life but cannot be recharged.

While the Pebblebee Clip is water resistant, we don’t yet know if it will work well if it is immersed. If you leave your wallet or other item behind, the Card produces a high-pitched alarm sound. In Pebblebee’s opinion, you can hear it even in crowded places.


 Price and availability 

It costs the same as the AirTag to purchase the Pebblebee Clip and Card. A four-pack of Pebblebee Clips is available for $99.99. Pebblebee’s website, as well as Amazon, will soon be selling them.

The AirTag finally has a worthy opponent thanks to this product’s identical pricing and features. A rechargeable battery, a slightly superior design, and the ability to connect to the Find My network are all significant reasons in favour of Pebblebee’s accessories. To find out which one wins, we’ll have to put them head-to-head soon. Until then, we’re looking forward to the expansion of the Find My network and the arrival of Pebblebee’s gadgets, which are likely to be the first of many.


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