The Last of Us Remake could release PS5 this holiday season


Before the end of 2022, you could be playing the popular post-apocalyptic game.

Image credit: Sony Computer Entertainment

The Last of Us was one of, if not the best, PS3 exclusives. As a result, there was a PS4 remaster, a sequel, a TV series, and more. There have also been reports that the game will maker the transfer to PS5, and the latest suggests it could happen this year.

During the Kinda Funny Gamescast, GamesBeat reporter Jeff Grubb shared this information (via VGC). Grubb says he’s “quite certain” that the remake will appear by the end of the year. Tom Henderson, who previously leaked the release date of the remake, has stated that it could be ready in late 2022.


Sony and Naughty Dog have yet to confirm any of this information, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

It’s known that Naughty Dog is currently working on multiplayer projects and has been hiring for “its first standalone multiplayer game.” Naughty Dog confirmed that an online mode for The Last of Us 2 was still being worked on as recently as last September.

Henderson also said that Naughty Dog is working on a Director’s Cut of The Last of Us 2, which might include the multiplayer choices removed from the original release. The Last of Us TV drama, which will premiere on HBO Max next year, is another project in which the studio is heavily involved.


In the past, The Last of Us has been re-released for a new console, and this would be no exception. All of the previously published downloadable content, including ‘Left Behind,’ was included in the PS4 version of The Last of Us Remastered in July 2019, with improved graphics, smoother framerates, and compatibility for the DualShock 4 controller.

Perhaps a PS5 version of the game would require more than simply porting it to the PS5. The PS4 version of the game is playable via backwards compatibility. Consequently It’s not uncommon for a game to be remade from the bottom up, with new visuals and sound effects, as well as additional in-game features.

Expect at least 4K quality, HDR, and 60 frames per second in a PS5 version. Some more advanced capabilities like ray-tracing, 120fps support and variable refresh rate could also be included.


Before Naughty Dog took over in mid-2020, Bloomberg previously claimed that the game was in development with PlayStation’s Visual Arts Group. In addition, a “unannounced remake” was briefly featured on the resume of a Naughty Dog QA team member.

The CES 2022 sizzle video, which showed entirely new character models for Joel and Ellie, also sparked some conjecture.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens next. In the event that Grubb is correct, and The Last of Us is indeed due for this holiday season, we shouldn’t have to wait too long for an official announcement. Despite the fact that E3 is no longer taking place, the month of June is still a popular time for major video game announcements, even from firms like Sony that stopped attending the convention a few years ago.


The next few weeks are very certainly going to see another State of Play or comparable event from Sony, despite the company’s lack of announcements. I think that would be a wonderful venue to make this announcement.

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