Amy Hennig’s firm is working on a new Star Wars game


Amy Hennig Is Back!

(Image credit: Lucasfilm Games)

Skydance by Amy Hennig New Media and Lucasfilm Games have announced that they would collaborate on a new Star Wars video game. A “richly cinematic action-adventure game with an unique tale in the renowned Star Wars galaxy” has been announced in today’s press release.

When I was 12, I saw Star Wars for the first time and it completely rewired my brain, influencing everything I’ve done ever since, according to Skydance New Media’s Hennig. In a statement, “I’m thrilled to be collaborating with Lucasfilm Games once again to produce interactive tales in this world that I adore.””


A Visceral Games-developed Star Wars game for EA had previously been planned by Hennig, widely renowned for her work on PlayStation’s Uncharted series. After Visceral went out of business, the game was eventually scrapped. Eventually, Hennig left EA and founded Skydance New Media.

According to Douglas Reilly, Vice President of Lucasfilm Games, “I couldn’t be more excited to work with Amy again.” A new title is now being developed by both partners, according to the VP, and further details will be released “when the time is right.” Second significant project for the firm would be the new Star Wars game. Skydance and Marvel Entertainment established a collaboration last year to create a new game centred in the Marvel Universe.

Hennig’s Star Wars game is now the sixth in development with Lucasfilm Games, according to Polygon. Star Wars: Eclipse, Ubisoft’s next open-world Star Wars game, Respawn Entertainment’s Jedi: Fallen Order 2 and two more Star Wars games make up this list of upcoming titles


The release date of any of the Star Wars games presently in development, including Amy Hennig’s, is unknown at this moment. However, it’s apparent that Lucasfilm Games wants as many games as possible based in the famed sci-fi/fantasy milieu.

Due to the lacklustre reception of EA’s Star Wars games, particularly the Battlefront series, and Jedi: Fallen Order, Lucasfilm Games may have decided to go elsewhere for creators (EA once had the exclusive rights for Star Wars games). There is no guarantee that these new games will provide fans with the type of Star Wars experiences they want.


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