Fake Windows 11 download page infects your PC


Don’t get Windows 11 from this website.

Windows 11 is receiving a time-saving update
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A bogus Windows 11 download page is being used by hackers to infect machines with malware. If the virus is installed, it will take information from the user’s browser, as well as from the user’s wallet. The target audience for this ad is those whose PCs do not fulfil Microsoft’s strict hardware requirements for Windows 11.

The bogus Windows 11 download website features legitimate Microsoft logos, favicons, and a “Download Now” button, according to Bleeping Computer (via TechRadar). However, the URL (which we will not mention here) proves that the site is bogus. Malware will be installed on your computer when you click the download button. Bleeping Computer received a technical report from CloudSEK outlining how the ransomware operates.


The “Inno Stealer” malware, which can defeat Windows Defender anti-virus and remove security software, has been discovered. Inno Stealer grabs data from browsers like as Chrome and Edge, as well as cryptocurrency wallets, after it has infiltrated your computer. After then, the data is delivered back to the original authors of the virus.

Even though this piece of malware is potentially harmful, there are ways to prevent becoming infected. It’s clear from the URL that this isn’t a real Microsoft download website. Microsoft’s next operating system, Windows 11, is available for free download and installation on compatible PCs running Windows 10. Windows 11 is also available for download through the Microsoft website.

If your PC does not match Microsoft’s criteria for Windows 11, especially the TPM 2.0 check, things might become tough. There are methods to get around this, but we don’t encourage it since you won’t be able to obtain the latest security updates if you instal Windows 11 on incompatible hardware.


If your computer isn’t up to snuff, you’re better off holding off on installing Windows 11 until you’ve either updated or purchased a new PC that’s ready for it. Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 11, is solid but not revolutionary. Getting Windows 11 isn’t a pressing matter, particularly if doing so puts your PC in danger.

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