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Audi will upgrade ‘almost all’ new cars with Apple Music


The new policy will take effect with the 2022 model year model line up.

Source: Audi

Audi, the German automaker, revealed today that “almost all” of its cars will have Apple Music included into their infotainment systems.

Here’s what they had to say today:


A premium music streaming service called Apple Music is being integrated into select Audi vehicles. An in-car internet connection is all that is needed to access Apple Music subscriptions via the Multi-Media Interface (MMI) screen in a vehicle. Subscribers to Apple Music will be able to easily find their favourite songs and discover new ones thanks to this seamless connection.

Apple Music subscriptions may now be accessed directly from the car’s infotainment system without the need for a USB or Bluetooth connection, all you need to do is link a current subscription.

It will be rolled out via an over-the-air software upgrade to “virtually all Audi vehicles in Europe, North America and Japan commencing with the 2022 model year,” according to Audi. Data packages from Cubic-Telekom are available to consumers in Europe if they choose to access Apple Music directly from their automobile.


Christiane Zorn, the head of product marketing for Audi, said this “Next in Audi and Apple’s relationship, the Audio infotainment system incorporates Apple Music. As a result, we are providing our customers with a direct link to their own customised listening experience. In our view, a premium digital in-car experience should look like this. We at Audi believe that the inside of a car is evolving into a third living area as a result of our relentless pursuit of digitalisation “For further information, please see the following link:

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