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Amazon PS5 restocks will now require an invite


There are now invitation-only Amazon PS5 restocks on the site. E-commerce giant Amazon has announced that customers will have to obtain an invitation to any future PS5 refill events. For $549, the PS5 Horizons West package is currently available on Amazon as of June 22.

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Amazon’s PS5 page now says, “We offer it via invitation only to ensure that as many legitimate consumers as possible can get this highly sought-after item. You’ll receive an email inviting you to buy a PS5 from Amazon if you sign up and are invited to do so. By clicking on this Amazon link, you can sign up for the next resupply (opens in new tab). There has been no invitation since we joined up on June 2nd.

Those who missed out on Amazon’s previous console drop should keep an eye out for the Prime Day sales, which kick off on July 12 and have an extremely high probability of landing a system.


Amazon PS5 restock (sign up for invites)

How to register for the next Amazon PS5 restock

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Amazon has been the most difficult to track of all the merchants who have offered PS5 discounts in the last few years. Restocks of the Amazon PS5 are not only unannounced, but they are also quickly sold out. Amazon is now requesting customers to sign up for PS5 restocks through their sign-in website.

To get a PS5 invitation from Amazon, all you have to do is sign up for an account. To get started, go to Amazon’s PS5 product page and sign in with your Amazon account(opens in new tab) (opens in new tab). In its stead, a “Request invitation” button now replaces the “Add to cart” one on the PS5 page. You’ll be logged in as soon as you click the “request” button. That concludes our discussion.

A 72-hour-valid link will be sent to you through email if you’ve been invited to purchase the PS5, according to Amazon. Registering does not guarantee you an invitation or a console from Amazon, which expressly notes that it will not be able to accommodate all.


Remember that you can only register if you buy the PS5 Disc system. The PS5 Digital page does not include a sign-up option.

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