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40% of iPhone users want to purchase the iPhone SE 3


a SellCell poll found that 40% of iPhone owners plan to purchase the third-generation iPhone SE 3 model of the iPhone.

When it comes to purchasing the iPhone SE, 24 percent of poll participants expect to use it as their primary phone, while 16 percent plan to give it away or use it for other purposes. More than a third of iPhone SE 3 purchasers intend to buy the smartphone for a kid, a partner or a family member such as a parent or grandparent, despite the fact that the majority of iPhone SE 3 consumers expect to use the gadget for themselves.

Because of its low price, the third-generation iPhone SE is expected to attract the majority of buyers, although 15.2 percent are most interested in 5G connection, 11.3 percent like its small size, and 6.7% prefer the Home Button with Touch ID.


11 percent of those who want to ditch their current iPhone models once the SE is released will be doing so because they are upgrading from the iPhone 11. 6.8 percent of iPhone XR owners intend to upgrade to the iPhone 11 and 6.7 percent of iPhone 12 owners plan to upgrade to the iPhone SE. However, there is a general desire to move to the iPhone SE across various generations of iPhones.

3 percent believe the phone is too tiny, 66.2 percent say they’re content with their current model, 9.3 percent are waiting for the iPhone 14 series to be released, and 4.1 percent say it doesn’t seem like an expensive enough phone.

The 2,549 adult iPhone users in the United States who participated in the independent study were questioned about their impressions on the third-generation iPhone SE. See SellCell’s complete survey breakdown for additional information.


Apple’s “Peek Performance” event on March 8 is rumoured to include the announcement of the third-generation iPhone SE, as well as the fifth-generation iPad Air and maybe a revamped high-end Mac mini and an updated 13-inch MacBook Pro. Source

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