You may use the DualSense as a steering wheel in Gran Turismo 7


Gran Turismo 7 is finally out, and it’s a fantastic game. In my opinion, this is the finest PS5 exclusive to yet, and that’s what I said in my review. It’s visually stunning, the vehicles feel fantastic to drive, and the game has plenty of material, featuring hundreds of cars and many circuits.

As with PS5 exclusives Returnal and Demons Souls, GT7’s ace in the hole is the DualSense Wireless Controller’s haptic feedback and adjustable trigger capability. With the controller’s vibrations, GT7 makes the most of every bump on the road, gear shift, and even the sweep of the wipers across the windshield.

Gran Turismo 7, on the other hand, goes even farther in showcasing the DualSense controller’s potential. Hidden away in the controller settings section, there is an option for motion controls, which mimics the experience of guiding a car. Even though it seems like a gimmick, and I was prepared for it to be, I was pleasantly surprised by how effectively the DualSense’s motion controls really function.


Completes the whole DualSense

The DualSense’s motion controls were instantly noticeable to me. Nintendo’s Wii Motion Plus accessory is reminiscent of these devices. A significant increase in motion control precision was achieved by using Motion Plus, which almost eliminated controller-to-screen latency altogether.

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When playing GT7, the DualSense Wireless Controller is quite precise. Motion controls may be used to fine-tune your car’s position on the track or to manoeuvre around softer turns when you hold the controller head-on in front of you like a steering wheel, with the motion controls option activated.

Advanced circuit parts such as slaloms, chicanes, and hairpins don’t pose a problem for the motion controls since they may be rotated to an angle of 90 degrees or more.


Off-road racing on one of GT7’s circuits is a lot of fun with the DualSense’s motion controls. For some reason it was lot simpler to drift with motion controls on than with the analogue sticks, and I’m considering taking on some off-road challenges at Licence Center with motion controls on.

Assembling and disassembling.

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Even while Gran Turismo 7 offers a wide variety of racing wheel configurations, many of them are prohibitively pricey for those who have just purchased a PS5 and GT7.

It’s hard to tell the difference between using the motion controls on GT7 and using a racing wheel. If you don’t have the money or space for a racing wheel, you may still have a lot of fun with a virtual racing wheel.


I appreciate Polyphony Digital taking the effort to provide the control option in GT7. With Mario Kart Wii in 2008, the Wii Wheel peripheral introduced me to motion controls for the first time; if that isn’t an outpouring of joy, I do not know what is. Source

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