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Samsung claims an upgrade is coming to solve phone throttling concerns


If you use a Samsung smartphone, you may have noticed that the Game Optimizing Service (GOS) is reducing the performance of various games and applications in order to save energy and prolong your battery life. A new software update will allow this to be an optional choice, according to Samsung.

According to The Verge, this slowing may be turned off by updating the operating system. To avoid the phone from overheating, Samsung claims that it has been engineered to restrict the phone’s performance.

As a result of the comments we get about our devices, we will be releasing a software update shortly that will allow customers to manage the performance of gaming applications,” a Samsung spokeswoman stated.


The rocket has been throttled up.

Non-gaming applications like Netflix and Instagram were said to be impacted, but Samsung has insisted that GOS is only responsible for managing the performance of games, as its name implies.

Additionally, certain popular Android benchmarking applications are not included in GOS, which means that Samsung phones with the software installed are likely to generate ratings that do not reflect the performance you really experience when gaming.

Since the Galaxy S22, S21, S20 and S10 were all discontinued, Geekbench has opted to remove their benchmarking results. In the meanwhile, we’ll have to wait and see whether the scores are ever reinstated.


The throttling debate as of this writing:

It’s not the first time a phone manufacturer has been found “managing the performance” of games to minimise overheating and preserve battery life, as Samsung has recently confessed.

Both Apple and OnePlus have admitted to slowing down applications and games on their phones in the past for the same reasons: to prolong the battery’s life and other internal components.

However, customers need to know about these tactics and trade-offs up front, maybe even before they’ve spent a significant amount of money on a phone. This is a valid argument. Having the ability to choose between better frame rates and greater battery life is a must.


It seems that Samsung will soon let customers to make this decision. However, given that Geekbench has removed scores for Samsung flagship phones from the previous four years, it’s safe to infer that the vast majority of these devices are impacted. Source

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