World’s first iPhone 12 Pro Max with USB-C port

Using a USB-C adapter, the DEEP firm in Slovakia has successfully converted an Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max. Since 2017, people have been puzzled about why Apple hasn’t switched the iPhone over to the USB-C standard. The universal standard is already used in the iPad and Mac product lines.

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There is a video that shows exactly how the change is done.

Using a flathead screwdriver, remove the Lightning port flex cable assembly and measure the USB-C connection on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. There is barely enough room for a USB-C connector to fit inside the Lightning port when the gasket is removed.

In the meanwhile, a USB-C flex cable with an original MFi chip from another device has been created with the USB-C port. These are soldered together, and then the new 3D-printed housing is put in place and attached to the device. Plugging in the USB-C cable is almost flawless.

There must be some trimming of the speaker module so that the new MFi chip location may be accommodated. The USB-C iPhone 12 Pro Max is now ready to be switched on after meticulous reassembly and the installation of a new battery.


The gadget has been checked and found to be working properly. Using a USB-C to C cable (or USB-A to C cable), it works with iTunes, connects to the Mac’s storage, and charges using an original Apple charger.

As with the iPad Pro and MacBooks, many iPhone users have been eagerly awaiting the introduction of the more widely accepted USB Type-C connection on their devices. Having a single connection to connect all of the devices that “PRO” users use on a regular basis would be really convenient. To some extent, we have been able to satisfy this wish by offering an original Apple iPhone with a USB-C connector instead of the original Lightning port.

If you’re interested in purchasing the world’s second USB-C powered iPhone, you can now do so on eBay. As of Thursday, the auction has begun and will conclude at 3 a.m. Eastern Time on Saturday, March 6.


In November, Swiss robotics student Ken Pillonel modified an iPhone X to function with a USB-C connector and sold the gadget on eBay for $86,001 to a winning bidder. However, Pillonel’s USB-C iPhone X cannot be updated or restored, and hence is not compatible with Apple’s iOS 12.

The MFi chip in DEEP’s customised iPhone, on the other hand, makes it seem like a plug-and-play affair. DEEP’s implementation isn’t apparent whether it can be reset or upgraded. If the iPhone is still water-resistant, we’d want to know about it as well.

Is Apple going to release an iPhone with a USB-C port? Whatever happened to DEEP’s employees, we’ll never know.




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