WhatsApp launched Communities to connect common groups together


Groups of people with similar interests may now be organised into Communities, a new feature on WhatsApp.

Groups make form what is known as a community. Groups that have a common topic may be added to establish a Community. Admins of the community may then manage and send messages to all groups at once. As a result, individual talks within that group may continue uninterrupted, but announcements affecting the whole organisation can be made in the background. End-to-end encryption will find widespread acceptance in society.

According to WhatsApp’s announcement, unlike “other applications,” it would not be introducing the option to search for or find new groups. In an attempt to restrict the spread of disinformation inside the Community groups, the firm will also decrease the ability to forwards messages from the existing maximum of five to only one group at a time.


This includes removing individuals and administrators from a Community if WhatsApp becomes aware of unlawful, violent, or hateful behaviour taking place inside the Community.

Regardless of whether a group is part of a larger community or not, WhatsApp is making changes to how individual groups operate.

Emoji replies for messages now allow group members to respond to a specific message without sending several messages with emojis. You may now erase messages in groups, which will be deleted from the devices of everyone in the group. Files of up to 2GB in size may now be shared through file sharing. For the first time, one-tap voice calling now allows 32 participants.


The new features will begin being sent out to a small number of users this week, before gradually spreading to the rest of the user base.

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