What Is Vivint Smart Home Security System? Everything You Need to Know


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Check Defintion of Vivint’s Smart Home Security System. Everything You’ll ever need to know about the subject matter

APX Alarm, the company that started Vivint in 1999, was renamed in 2011 to reflect the company’s expansion into the smart home market. The Blackstone Group bought Vivint in 2012, and the company has since grown both its customer base and its technology offerings. Vivint Home Security now has more than 1.4 million active customers in the United States, Canada, and New Zealand. Vivint Smart Home was named the best full-service home security and automation solution for 2020 by US News and World Report.


Vivint’s home security system is straightforward. There are four sensors included in the Vivint Basic Starter Kit: a water sensor, motion sensor, and a touchscreen controller. In addition, you can add up to $100 worth of sensors of your choosing. To further customise your home, you can then select from a variety of smart home devices and security systems. When you sign a monitoring contract with Vivint, you’ll get 0% interest financing. Monitoring is available on a month-to-month basis with no contract if your equipment is paid or you pay in advance. There is a choice between basic and advanced security monitoring. All Vivint systems must be installed by a trained professional.

How Vivint’s smart home security system works
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Throughout the United States and Canada, Vivint builds smart homes for millions of families. It’s possible to make your home safer, more convenient, and more comfortable than you ever thought possible with Vivint smart home technology.

Do Vivint security systems cost anything?

Customers typically spend around $2,000 on starter equipment when they sign up for a Vivint system. Smart Hub, motion sensor, water sensor and two window/door sensors are included in the Vivint Starter Kit. Also included is a $100 credit toward the purchase of additional sensors, and the starter package devices are installed at no additional charge. But Vivint charges extra for the installation of devices that aren’t included in the starter kit.


One of the primary reasons customers spend more than the starter pack’s cost is the additional expense of the devices. Three-bedroom homes may necessitate additional devices that will raise the total cost to more than $1,010. In addition to smart door locks, cameras, and Smart Drive for continuous recording, many customers also want these additional features. Vivint gives customers the option to pay for their equipment in full or in instalments.

At $29.99 per month, professional surveillance plans are available for those who need it. All of this comes with in-home tech support, a mobile app, and a lifetime warranty. Unless you purchase a device package in advance, Vivint will not allow you to self-monitor your home without a service plan.

It costs $5 per month to store 14 days’ worth of video clips with Vivint’s home security system. With Vivint Smart Drive, you can store up to 30 days’ worth of DVR recordings without interruption. Additionally, Vivint provides a Car Guard service that includes a $199 device and a monthly fee of $10 for one vehicle and $5 for each additional vehicle.


Insurance discounts can help offset the cost of a Vivint system. If a security system or security cameras are installed on the property, homeowners often receive discounts of 5% to 20%. Documenting damage is also made much simpler if an incident results in damage to your property. Check out our 10 home security tips to learn more about protecting your property and lowering your home insurance rates.

How is a Vivint security system supervised and maintained?

365 days a year, Vivint employs a team of security experts to monitor your home around the clock. Whenever an alarm is triggered, the monitoring centre will contact you via the Smart Hub’s speaker and by phone. You will be contacted by Vivint if you do not answer the call. Through the Smart Hub, you can communicate with the central monitoring station.

The guarantee offered by Vivint is unclear.

If a Vivint unit fails, the company will send a technician to fix or replace it for a 120-day warranty period. Vivint charges $49 for a service call after that period, but will replace defective units for free if you have a service contract. Only three days after installation can you return your package, but 30 days for each device. As long as you keep paying for a premium service plan, you’ll have access to free service and a warranty.


Last but not least, what is Vivint’s Smart Home Security System? Everything You’ll ever need to know about the subject matter

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