Valorant tipped to get major voice upgrade in July


Valorant in order to teach a linguistic model for upcoming complaints of disruptive conduct.

Image credit: Riot Games

On July 13th in North America, in English, Riot Games will start conducting background investigations into audio recordings of in-game voice interactions. The recording’s ultimate goal, according to a brief statement(opens in new tab) from Riot, is to “gather unambiguous evidence that might prove any infractions of behavioral norms.”

The assessment method that may eventually be employed will, however, be developed using recordings for the time being. This entails utilizing the recordings to train some sort of language model in order to “get the tech in a decent enough spot for a test launch later this year,” according to Riot.


The voice assessment from this test will not be used for reporting, Riot makes clear. As Riot explained, “We realize that before we can even consider extending this tool, we’ll have to be certain that it’s successful. If mistakes arise, we have processes in place to ensure we can fix any false positives (or negatives, for that matter),”

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