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Trick: How to speed up your iPhone


Learn how to clear your iPhone’s RAM to improve its performance.

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Having a working knowledge of how to clean iPhone RAM is really beneficial. You may have noticed your iPhone stuttering and sluggishness when trying to open or switch between apps, or if you’re running an app that requires a lot of processing power.

It’s possible that your iPhone will shut down completely. For the most part, this is more typical on older phones, which have a less capable hardware, although it’s happened a few times on my iPhone 13 Pro Max.


Your phone’s Random Access Memory (RAM) may be full, which can cause the phone to freeze or slow down. RAM is the processor’s short-term data storage, from which it can execute programmes. Only a limited amount of RAM is available on computers and smartphones, which are basically small computers. Consequently, if there is a lot of activity and the RAM fills up, the processor is unable to store short-term data and the system needs to deal with the backlog.

Memory (RAM) management is often dealt with and handled by the computer’s operating system (OS). iOS is no different: it’s an excellent operating system that contributes to the iPhone’s status as one of the best smartphones available. Despite this, no operating system is completely error-free, and for whatever reason, they may not be able to handle everything as efficiently as they could, resulting in juddering or system lockups.

If this occurs on a computer, you should terminate running programmes and shut off the background ones. It’s a different story on an iPhone, since background apps are “suspended” and don’t use RAM, and closing them does nothing.


No matter how many apps are running in the background or how much RAM your iPhone has, this does not mean that shutting them won’t solve any stuttering or freezing difficulties. So, if your iPhone is running slowly and you suspect RAM is the problem, what should you do? If you’re having problems with your iPhone slowing or freezing up, you may manually clear its RAM, which can typically resolve the issue. Here are the steps.

How to clear RAM on iPhone

The first thing you need to do is enable Assistive Touch if you’re using an iPhone without a physical Home button. Don’t bother about this step if your phone has a physical button.

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Accessibility can be found in the Settings menu. AssistiveTouch can be accessed by clicking on Touch. Toggle AssistiveTouch on at the top of the next page.


You’ll notice a circle button on the screen now. When you press this button, a pop-up menu of touch options will appear. Afterward, we’ll be referring to it as “Home”.

A round button will now appear on your screen. The menu of touch options can be accessed by pressing this button. A physical Home button is no longer available on current iPhones. We will need to use one in the future.

This is not the shutdown menu that you’re used to using.


Secondly, you should unlock your phone. As soon as you’ve done that, quickly push and release both volume buttons, and then hold down the lock button until you see a shutdown option.

This is the troubleshooting shutdown menu, where you can do operations such as force resuming, accessing recovery and DFU modes, and clearing the RAM on your computer’s hard drive. The usual shutdown menu on your phone has an SOS slider, whereas this more sophisticated troubleshooting shutdown menu does not, so you can determine whether you’ve done it correctly.

The AssistiveTouch button on the shutdown screen will bring up the menu. The next step is to press the Home button for a few seconds. Holding down the physical button on an iPhone is all you need to do.


Upon completion, you’ll get a lock screen, indicating that you’ve successfully cleaned your RAM. Once you’ve entered your passcode, the freeze should be gone.

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Open your App tray by swiping up and holding in the centre of the screen. This is how you know your system memory has been cleared: each open app will restart when you tap it.

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