This new M2 iMac concept is we want from Apple


The M2 iMac proposal envisions a 27-inch variant and five fashionable colors.

(Image credit: Pickaxe Media / Shutterstock)

It’s just a matter of time until Apple revisits the desktop all-in-one iMac now that we have our first device with the new M2 processor, the freshly updated 2022 MacBook Air.

The 2021 iMac debuted a variety of vibrant colors, a more angular design, and the launch of Apple Silicon with the M1 processor after receiving a dramatic new appearance the previous year. However, Apple chose to divide the gap, with only one 24-inch model, rather than keeping the two size options of prior generations—21.5 inches and 27 inches.


Although we can’t be certain of what Apple has in store, we can only hope that it is thinking along the lines of Vox Media’s Parker Ortolani, who has envisioned what the M2 iMac may seem when it debuts.

As you can see from the photographs below, Ortolani just refined Apple’s design rather than trying to recreate it. For starters, the white bezel of the 24-inch iMac has been eliminated, which may seem strange, but it’s not simply a matter of taste.


Ortolani tweeted, “Took em away due to the MacBook Air” (opens in new tab). “I figured it would have been used there too if it was something the great majority enjoyed about the iMac. Additionally, if the history is any indication, they’ll release a considerably more muted version of the present iMac.

The hues Ortolani chose might also be characterized as subdued. The designer envisions just five more somber hues for the M2 iMac, with just the pink variant evoking the joyful nature of the previous generation, in contrast to the present iMac’s seven vivid color options.

Additionally, he envisions some really stylish Magic Keyboards made to coordinate with the new color choices.


The return of a bigger model for power users, though, is the largest adjustment and the one we truly hope Apple implements. Indeed, Ortolani envisions a 27-inch variant to go along with the 24-inch model. Even more audaciously, he ventures a price prediction, with the smaller model’s beginning price of $1,299 increasing to at least $1,799 for the bigger model.

There is undoubtedly a need for a Mac experience on a larger screen, and while there is nothing to stop you from connecting a Mac mini or Mac Studio to any size of display, Apple’s all-in-one solutions are particularly attractive.

Although well-connected Bloomberg writer Mark Gurman initially anticipated that the 24-inch iMac will receive a makeover in 2022, more recently he has claimed that the hardware may completely bypass M2 and instead introduce an M3 iMac in 2019. If so, regrettably, these renderings could be the closest we ever come to a new Apple desktop in 2022.


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