The latest iPad (2022) could bring an Apple Pencil revolution


This could finally be the year of the Apple Pencil with the release of the next-generation iPad in 2022.

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The Apple Pencil is a popular stylus for the company’s tablets that helps you sketch, take notes, and simply navigate across iPadOS if you’ve been seeking to buy one of the finest iPads.

The Apple Pencil for iPads has gone through two incarnations since its debut in 2015, with the second generation being released in 2018 to operate with newer iPads.


The two iPad styluses have coexisted peacefully, but a single tweak in the latest iPad (2022) threatens to upend all of that harmony.

Apple Pencil problems

Despite its widespread use, the original iPad had some flaws. Firstly, it charges in a strange manner: You must remove a cap from the end of it and put that end into your iPad’s Lightning Port.

Since the stylus had to be plugged in at an odd angle while doing this, there was a significant risk of tripping over the extended Pencil and damaging the charging connector.


As with the wireless mouse with the plug on the bottom, this is an Apple design decision that has been roundly criticised. No wonder the Apple Pencil 2 was more popular because it employs magnets to latch to the top of the iPad, where it wirelessly charges..

The rise of the Apple Pencil 2

Increasing numbers of iPad models, including the Pro, Air, and Mini in 2021, have begun to include the Apple Pencil 2 as a standard input device.

Simply put, iPads without Lightning ports are becoming increasingly rare. 2020 saw the loss of the port for the Air line, while 2021 saw the loss for the Mini. There are now only entry-level models remaining.


The original Apple Pencil doesn’t have a handy charging option because it lacks Lightning connections. The only other option is to use various adaptors and dongles that Apple has previously sold. iPads have seen a design refresh to accommodate the Apple Pencil 2’s magnetic clip for charging with USB-C.

As a result, there is an issue.

A USB-C iPad (2022)

In 2022, the entry-level iPad from Apple could include a USB-C port instead of Lightning, according to a new leak. While iPhones continue to use Apple’s proprietary charging technology, this would be the final iPad series to do away with it.


The first Apple Pencil would be rendered obsolete if this were to happen. It would be unlikely that Apple would continue to produce new iPads that would be able to support it.

There’s no reason to keep the adapter around because Apple doesn’t sell previous-generation iPads, unlike iPhones. A seven-year-old stick would have no use for the corporation to produce any more of.

Even if third-party sellers still sell the old Apple Pencil, its days are bleak if the company switches to USB-C exclusively.


The future of the Apple Pencil 3

Apple has a history of phasing out products. New versions of its annual goods are released every year, thus the original Apple Pencil had to be axed.

Not only that, but the stylus charging method was never supposed to leave the drawing board in the first place.

If Apple does decide to discontinue the original Apple Pencil, it’d be a massive story.


With just one stylus to choose from, we’d prefer to see Apple launch an Apple Pencil 3. Even while Apple’s second-generation stylus is a vast improvement over Samsung’s S Pen, it still has some usability issues and a limited feature set compared to Samsung’s S Pen.

Apple Pencil competitors may steal some of the limelight if Apple were to lessen its stylus presence. As it stands, there are plenty of alternatives.


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