The Afterparty season 2 news and what we think we know till now


She may do anything she wants since it’s her Afterparty! Apple TV Plus has renewed The Afterparty for a second season, ensuring that more comedic/mysterious antics are in store. Haddish will return as Detective Danner in the upcoming sequel to The Afterparty, but who else will appear? It seems that we’ve learnt more about it.

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Executive producers Christopher Miller and Phil Lord are behind the show, which Miller also conceived and directed. During a high school reunion afterparty, a young woman is found stabbed to death. From psychological thriller to song to animation, each episode is portrayed from a different character’s point of view.

There is a good chance that season 2 will include a completely new case for Haddish to investigate, since the season 1 conclusion revealed the murderer. With the reappearance of Daniel Craig as Detective Benoit Blanc in Knives Out 2 and the second season of White Lotus, this is in line with previous murder mysteries (only Jennifer Coolidge returns from the original cast).


Here’s everything you need to know about season 2 of The Afterparty.

Release date rumours for the second season of Afterparty

There is no release date for the second season of The Afterparty specified by Apple TV Plus yet.

Season 2 of the show was only renewed on March 2 by the streaming service, so it will be some time before it begins production. Miller and Lord are one of the busiest production teams in the business. At the moment, they’re hard at work on projects like Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2 starring Ryan Gosling, as well as a relaunch of Clone High and Project Hail Mary.


Even if Miller steps down as director and someone else takes over showrunning responsibilities for The Afterparty season 2, the process of developing the screenplay and shooting might take months. Most likely, we won’t see the launch of Season 2 until sometime in the latter half of 2023.

The second season of Afterparty’s cast

Tiffany Haddish, who returns as Detective Danner in The Afterparty Season 2, is the only cast member who has been officially announced. There will be new faces as well as familiar faces in The Afterparty, according to the show’s creator Chris Miller, who spoke to Variety. So

As a result, Sam Richardson as Aniq, Zo Chao as Zo, Ike Barinholtz as Brett, Ilana Glazer as Chelsea, Jamie Demetriou as Walt, John Early as Detective Culp, and Reid Scott as Detective Germain might all return. Ben Schwartz, who portrays Yasper, is the least likely cast member to return.


Music videos that were not shown in season 1 might give us a glimpse of Xavier’s character Dave Franco, who was killed in the first episode of the show.

Without exception, we should anticipate a fresh cast for season 2, akin to Knives Out 2 and The White Lotus season 2.

Explaining the Afterparty season 2 narrative, as well as the finale of season 1,

As a result of the season 1 murder mystery being solved and the perpetrator being identified, Danner is likely to investigate a fresh case during the afterparty of another event.


“Maggie,” the season finale, included a surprise guest: Brett and Zoe’s daughter, Maggie. When the small girl told Danner about her night, she described sketching a cat face on Aniq and watching Jennifer #2 wet herself as two of the highlights (her water broke, so she went to the hospital).

Danner, who believes she knows who the assassin is, gains some new information from Maggie’s narrative. It’s either Aniq, Brett, or Walt who is responsible. Walt, on the other hand, was in the restroom preparing for his streaking mission. To clear his name, Aniq comes forwards to say he saw Brett in the driveway just before the killing occurred. As Aniq prepares to face the music, he finds that the closet has always been closed in every version of the narrative. It was open, however, as he went to see the drawings on his face.

Yasper had been lurking in the nooks and crannies of the room. Xavier’s fame and the fact that he didn’t bless Yasper’s tune made him resentful. Because of this he resolved to avenge Xavier by murdering him, taking the song, and publishing it as a posthumous duet with Xavier.


Danner points out that the A/V technician could have easily acquired the password of the deceased pop singer when Yasper brings up his messages with Xavier as evidence that they were pals. Aniq then discovers that Yasper may have deleted the surveillance video by using Xavier’s phone to do so. Yasper gets caught when the phone is discovered in his pocket.

In front of her commander as well as her arch-enemy Detective Germain, Danner exults at her victory. Aniq and Zoe, on the other hand, are off to breakfast. If he doesn’t make a move, she asks, she pulls over to the side of the road. When Walt begs for a ride home, they kiss, only to be stopped by him.

This after-party is ended now that the investigation is concluded and Yasper seems to be headed to jail. However, Danner may be on the verge of another one. Her next case will lead her to what location? Is it a tech company Christmas bash or a post-festival bash? Or maybe she’ll get the better of Germain and go to a post-awards show party in Hollywood without him knowing.


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