Smart cordless Tineco Pure One S12 Pro EX review

The Tineco Pure One S12 Pro EX is a brilliant vacuum that can recognize dust and consequently increment the pull level while vacuuming. It’s not only a story cleaner however, it accompanies a huge number of connections for cleaning each surface in your home, and assuming that you run out of force you can change to the subsequent battery. On test dust get was extraordinary, yet it’s a costly machine with a ton to store.

Smart cordless Tineco Pure One S12 Pro EX review

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Albeit this floorcare brand has been around beginning around 1998, Tineco is as yet a general novice that is contending energetically to be treated as in a serious way as a portion of the greater players in the vacuum cleaner market, including any semblance of Dyson and Shark.

In 2019, the brand sent off its most brilliant vacuum cleaner intended to distinguish dust and change the pull level in like manner. The Pure One S12 Pro EX, which is known as the Tineco Pure One S12 Platinum in Australia and highlights an extra cleaning brush, is a cordless vacuum, which additionally accompanies an application that will give you vacuuming details like how much soil was gathered and the way that long you vacuumed for.

A screen over the handle shows the pull level just as the battery rate, yet with two swappable batteries, you’ll have a lot of run time. It has floor cleaning covered with a power brush, just as a delicate roller brush for more sensitive hard floors.

Furthermore, it very well may be utilized as a handheld vacuum with one of the numerous connections remembered for the case, from a little power brush to fissure devices, cleaning brushes, and then some. There’s scarcely a surface in your home that can’t be vacuumed with this device.

There are a lot of attractions levels to look over, or you can choose the auto mode and permit the vacuum to fluctuate the pull contingent upon how much residue identified. Execution was extraordinary in our tests and we figure this adaptable cleaning apparatus will be a valuable expansion to most homes, insofar as you have the financial plan for it, as it’s the image’s most costly cordless vacuum to date.

Tineco Pure One S12 Pro EX price and availability

  • List price:  $699.99/ £549/ AU$1099 

The Tineco Pure One S12 Pro EX is known as the Tineco Pure One S12 Platinum in Australia, which is the very same model, yet incorporates an extra delicate cleaning brush. It will hinder you $699.99/£549/AU$1099 and is accessible direct through Tineco in the UK and US or Godfreys in Australia.

It’s a costly vacuum, yet accompanies a ton of extras as point by point underneath, making it an adaptable cleaning apparatus. It’s the highest point of-the-range shrewd vacuum from Tineco and elements all the most recent brilliant vacuum innovation


  • 0.13 gallon /  0.6-liter dust bin
  • Auto clean mode
  • Wall mounted charging dock


  • 0.13 gallon /  0.6-liter dust bin
  • Auto clean mode
  • Wall mounted charging dock

The Tineco Pure One S12 Pro EX has a modern sleek matt white finish which gives it a premium appearance. It’s a pretty standard size for a cordless vacuum, measuring 44.3 x 10.2 x 9 inches/ 112.5 x 26 x 23cm (h x w x d). The weight of the handheld unit alone is around 3.7 lb/ 1.7kg, but this increases up to 6.4lb/ 2.9kg once the floorhead and tube are attached.

As we’ve already mentioned, it comes with a lot of accessories as standard, these include the main multi-tasker power brush floorhead as well as a soft-roller power brush floorhead specifically designed for more delicate floors. Smaller tools include a 2-in-1 dusting brush, mini power brush, crevice tool, and a flexible long crevice tool. For reaching into awkward and tight spaces there’s a flexible extension hose and an elbow style connector called a multi-angle folding tube.

On top of this, there’s a second battery, filter cleaning tool and wall-mounted charging dock. Changing the swappable battery is quick and easy and the charging dock has a slot to store and charge the second battery. The dock can only store three of the small tools though, so for the rest, you’ll need to make space in a cupboard. All of the attachments feel sturdy and well made, they click reassuringly into position and are easy to remove by pressing the button.

The vacuum is operated using a trigger switch on the handle, but there’s also a trigger lock so you don’t need to keep hold of it if you don’t want to. But it can’t stand unsupported so when you stop vacuuming to answer the phone, you’ll need to lean it on something or rest it on the floor. 

On top of the vacuum, a round LED display screen shows the battery level as well as the current suction level. A loop around the edge of the display changes from blue to red as the vacuum detects more dirt. Any faults are also displayed via symbols on the display.

The power level is controlled via a discrete touch-sensitive slider above the handle and next to this is the auto button which engages auto cleaning. In this mode, the vacuum takes care of the suction level, increasing and reducing it according to the amount of dirt it detects. At 0.13 gallon / 0.6-liter, the dust bin is small, but it’s easily emptied via the press of a button. It has a pre-filter as well as a mesh filter and a HEPA filter, all are simple to access for cleaning.


  • Powerful suction
  • Easy to control
  • Good maneuverability

Aside from screwing the dock to the divider, there’s no get together needed before use, with the exception of perhaps a fast battery charge. Furthermore having the chance to holds with the controls was additionally basic, we partook in the power control slider over the handle.

When on cover, it’s best at gathering all the soil and flotsam and jetsam from along baseboards on max power. For the remainder of the rug, it sucks up everything in its way and leaves the floor unblemished. Also, on hard floors, we needed to slide the pull up to max for the best outcomes along baseboards, yet in any case get didn’t disillusion. We evaluated the two brushes and the delicate brush was somewhat less powerful at gathering bigger flotsam and jetsam however adapts well to fine residue.

For steps, we joined the smaller than expected power brush straightforwardly to the handheld vacuum and it changed this ordinarily precarious undertaking into a fast and simple clean. The scaled down power brush likewise took care of cleaning upholstery and was a helpful device for the floor coverings in our vehicle as well.

In auto mode, the vacuum changes the pull level while vacuuming and we noticed it increment the power when we vacuumed over noticeably filthy regions, but on the other hand it’s consoling to have the option to change the power physically by means of the slider as well.

It moves well around corners and advances effectively from hard floor to cover, just as onto an extended heap region mat. The handle is agreeable and we especially like having the option to secure the trigger in the on position, which is more agreeable while vacuuming for longer periods. In any case, it merits calling attention to that the air vent over the handle blows air onto your hand while vacuuming and in colder environments, this can leave your hand feeling somewhat crisp.

When vacuuming floors it doesn’t feel weighty however as a handheld, it can begin to feel weighty rapidly, especially if vacuuming higher regions or difficult to-arrive at spots. So this kind of cleaning is best handled in short explodes.

It gets hair effortlessly, we saw some get tangled around the roller brush, however each of the brushes are effectively eliminated from the floor sets out toward cleaning, in addition to there’s a trimming device gave would it be a good idea for you really want to trim it away. The channels are additionally simple to get to, the channel cleaning device is something we haven’t seen before on different vacuums and removes the difficult work from this errand. It takes about a moment to finish the channel clean, yet for the HEPA channel, you’ll need to wash it the hard way.

The residue canister purges with only the press of a button, the majority of the flotsam and jetsam drops out, despite the fact that assuming there’s a great deal of hair tangled inside, you might need to give it a pull to eliminate everything.

The delicate roller brush hit 77dB on our commotion meter while vacuuming hard floors on max power, which is identical to the clamor level experienced when remaining close to a bustling turnpike. Nonetheless, it was pleasingly tranquil on the most minimal power setting. What’s more readings were the very same when we estimated the commotion on cover utilizing the multi-tasker power brush.


  • Shows filter usage
  • Lists amount of dust collected
  • Shows battery level

The application was not difficult to set up and arrange with the vacuum. However, its convenience is easy to refute. It gives data on channel utilization, which is useful for deciding when the channel needs a clean. It additionally lets you know the battery level, yet so does the LED show on the vacuum.

Other data, for example, the use time and measure of residue gathered are fascinating at first yet the vast majority don’t have to know this data. Also, you can change the pull power by means of the application, which appears as though something odd to do while you’re vacuuming and right now have the controls readily available. In synopsis, you will not be passing up a major opportunity in the event that you select not to download the application.

Battery life

  • Short run time on max suction
  • Swappable batteries
  • Battery level shown on LED display

We planned the battery while vacuuming on max pull and it endured nine minutes. Be that as it may, with a second swappable battery this isn’t a lot of an issue. Also you’ll get a significantly longer run time when utilizing it on lower attractions levels.

Tineco claims you’ll get as long as 100 minutes, which is excess. The battery level can be checked in the application just as on the LED show on the vacuum.

Re-energizing the unfilled battery required roughly three hours and 15 minutes. The divider mounted dock houses the battery charger and will charge both the one in the vacuum and the extra. However it focuses on the battery in the vacuum, then, at that point, charges the extra.

Our main dissatisfaction with charging the battery was that it must be done on the divider mounted dock, which in the event that you decide not to mount it to the divider, is cumbersome and clumsily formed.

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