How to clean a mousepad? Here’s how to clean a mousepad without damaging it

Do you want to know how to clean a mousepad? Here’s how you can accomplish it quickly on your own. Knowing how to clean a mousepad is rather simple, but few of us actually do it – similar to cleaning the keyboard. When you think about it, a dirty mousepad is quite disgusting. You probably use it every day, and grease, filth, and oils from your palm and wrist will be rubbed into it while you work and play. Hand creams and perfume can also leave stains.

How to clean a mousepad? Here’s how to clean a mousepad without damaging it

Before you know it, your mouse will be having difficulty tracking on it. But, before you throw it away and buy a new one, you should know that cleaning a mousepad is actually rather simple. It only takes a few household goods and some elbow grease. Here, we’ll take you through how to clean a mousepad step-by-step.

How to clean a mousepad — Fabric or cloth 


  • Dish soap
  • Sponge or brush
  • Microfiber cloth or towels

Before we get started, it’s vital to note that this DIY method should not be used on RGB or wired mousepads. Otherwise, you risk harming the mousepad and voiding the warranty. This cleaning process is specifically designed for cloth and fabric mousepads.

  1. First, fill up a bathtub, sink or a large basin with lukewarm soapy water. Do not use hot water as this could melt the adhesive between the cloth and pad. 
  2. Submerge your mousepad in the water.
  3. Scrub the mousepad with a brush or sponge. Scrub in circular motions, being careful not to bend the mousepad too much if it has a foam base since this could damage it. Similarly, don’t scrape too hard on the foam side for the same reason.
  4. Whenever you’re fulfilled that the soil and stains have been eliminated, you can deplete the water and flush out the mousepad with new warm water. In the event that you have a froth base, you can crush the mousepad between your fingers to eliminate abundance cleanser, yet don’t wring it or you could harm it.
  5. Since all of the cleanser is cleaned out, you can wipe your mousepad off utilizing towels or a microfiber fabric. Press it level with whichever you pick on the two sides to absorb however much as could be expected.
  6. Then, at that point, forget about your mousepad to dry totally, fabric side down, prior to reusing. It will require a couple of hours in any event, or in a perfect world short-term.
  7. Rehash as important.

Can We wash my mousepad in the washing machine?  

Some mousepads are actually machine-washable; simply check the care label for the optimal settings. If no instructions are provided, err on the side of caution and hand-wash your mousepad. If you must use the washer, toss some towels in with the load to soften it and protect it during the cycle.

How to clean an RGB or wired mousepad

An RGB or wired mousepad should not be submerged in water because it is electronic. Instead, take the following actions.

  1. Make certain that it is completely unplugged and is not in contact with any other gadgets.
  2. Soak a new microfiber cloth in warm, soapy water for a few minutes, then wring it out as much as possible. You want it damp but not soggy, yet still soapy.
  3. Wipe your mousepad and the sides with a moist cloth to remove any dirt. Avoid any ports or openings, as well as the electronics box, while doing this.
  4. Rinse the microfiber cloth with fresh water to eliminate any soap residue and wring it out completely again.
  5. Wipe the mousepad with the cloth to remove any remaining soap. Continue rinsing, wringing out, and reapplying the cloth until all of the soap has been removed.
  6. Allow your mousepad to dry completely before using it.

What about rubber and plastic mousepads? 

You’re in luck if you have a rubber or plastic mousepad! All you have to do is wipe it down with wet wipes or a moist microfiber cloth to clean it. Simply make sure it’s thoroughly dry before using it.

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