Samsung intends to participate in the Apple M2 chip manufacture


Apple’s MacBook, Mac, and iPad lineups all employ the current M1 silicon, therefore the corporation need a large number of these processors. As a result, anybody who is able to secure a position in Apple’s M1 chip supply chain stands to profit handsomely.

A key component of current high-density chips with circuit connections is the FC-BGA substrate manufactured by Samsung, one of Apple’s prefered suppliers. No surprise that the South Korean IT behemoth is also interested in manufacturing M2 chips.

To make the future M2 chip, the so-called Samsung Electro-Mechanics arm is nearing an agreement to create the identical FC-BGA substrates that Apple will be using. This news is in line with previous reports that Samsung has committed over $1 billion in the construction of an FC-BGA manufacturing facility in Vietnam and over $241 million in an already existing fab in South Korea.


An major factor in the success of Apple’s M1 processor was the work done by Samsung Electro-Mechanics (SE). Specifically, Samsung provided Apple with FC-BGA (full-chip ball grid array) substrates, which are utilised for high-density CPUs and GPUs.

Apple’s next-generation M2 processor will be supplied by Samsung Electro-Mechanics, according to reports quoted by BusinessKorea.

Samsung hasn’t made any formal statements on this yet. It is also alleged that in December, the corporation spent 1.3 trillion won to develop an FC-BGA manufacturing plant in Vietnam, and an additional 300 billion won in March to expand its current FC-BGA facility in South Korea.


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