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Samsung Galaxy S23 next Galaxy S flagship rumors


What the next Galaxy S flagship phone from Samsung could include

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We don’t know much about the Galaxy S22’s successor because it’s still relatively new in terms of the best Samsung phones, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise. The Galaxy S23 will have a lot to live up to when it does arrive, but we’re confident that Samsung can do it.

The Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus were more iterative than innovative compared to the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which single-handedly resurrected the Galaxy Note from the ashes of its predecessor.


This year’s Galaxy S23 is still under wraps, but we thought it would be fun to put together our wish list of what we’d like to see in Samsung’s newest flagship, especially in terms of the standard and Plus versions. So far, we’ve heard a lot about the Galaxy S23, and here’s what we’d like to see.

Samsung Galaxy S23 possible release date

The Galaxy S22 was released in February, and the Galaxy S23 is expected to follow suit. Samsung released the Galaxy S21 series in January 2021, but the Galaxy S21 FE had to take up space, so the S22 was likely delayed.

The Galaxy S23 is likely to debut in the first half of 2023. Although the coronavirus pandemic and chip shortages have resulted in some delayed phone launches in recent memory, we don’t expect Samsung to deviate from this release schedule.


Samsung Galaxy S23 early rumors

Ice Universe, a well-known Samsung leaker, claims that the Galaxy S23 Ultra will have a 200MP main camera, which is a holdover from the early days of speculation about the S22’s camera. According to the manufacturer, this camera will be “optimised for a number of years.”

However, we do not know if that means they will continue to improve their cameras with software updates or if Samsung will continue to improve their 200MP sensor after launching their S23 Ultra phone.

A new report claims that Samsung is developing a second-generation 200MP sensor, which, if all goes according to plan, will be used in the S23. This camera rumour now has more credence.

For the sake of demonstration, Samsung has taken a cat photo and blown it up to fit on the 28×22-meter canvas suspended from a building’s side to demonstrate the 200MP ISOCELL HP1 camera sensor in action. In a YouTube video(opens in new tab) and not in person, it’s hard to tell for sure, but the picture looked impressive. Individual cat hairs appear to be picked out in the fine detail.

It’s a problem even some of the best smartphones have because of their lower megapixel counts. A 200MP main camera appears to be the key to unlocking more from Samsung’s Galaxy phone photography in the video.

Only conflicting reports have surfaced about the Galaxy S23’s processor. Samsung is rumoured to be using MediaTek chips in some Galaxy S23 models, as reported by a tipster a few weeks ago. Some people, including myself, were alarmed by this. No matter how many people say it, we’re sceptical about the MediaTek Dimensity 9000. After all, the company has a checkered past.

However, after that rumour made headlines, a second tip source firmly denied it. If Yogesh Brar is correct, the Galaxy S23 and S22 FE will not have a MediaTek partnership in the future.

Since then, we’ve heard rumours that Samsung plans to halt Exynos chip production for two years in order to focus on developing a new Galaxy-specific chipset for 2025. A move like this would be consistent with Samsung’s interest in other chip options than its current partner Qualcomm, such as MediaTek,

This does not mean that Samsung wants to improve the Exynos brand, but it does suggest that it may be considering doing so. Given that the Exynos 2200 fell short of our expectations and trailed the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 in our Galaxy S22 Plus benchmark tests, this would be a welcome development.


Samsung may refer to the Galaxy S23 internally as “Project Diamond,” the only other thing we’ve heard. According to Ross Young, DSCC analyst, this codename previously referred to a third foldable, but that’s apparently not the case.

Samsung Galaxy S23: What we want to see

The Galaxy S23’s release date is still months away, so here’s what we’re hoping to learn.

Better battery life


Unfortunately, the battery life of each of the three Galaxy S22 models is abysmal at best. OnePlus 10 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max were able to outlast the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which has a 5,000 mAh battery, in the Tom’s Guide battery test. In terms of battery life, the Galaxy A53 isn’t much better than the Galaxy S7.

The battery life of Samsung needs to be improved. Weakened performance on both phones was a result of reducing battery capacity from the Galaxy S21 to the Galaxy S22 (3,700 mAh to 3,800 mAh) and from the Galaxy S22 to the Galaxy S22 (4,500 mAh to 4,800 mAh).

Better cooling


The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip’s tendency to overheat has long been known. As a result, it frequently experiences throttling issues, particularly during demanding video games. Samsung was also found to be deliberately slowing down some applications in order to maintain system performance. It was a shady or even heinous move, but it proved one thing: Samsung’s Galaxy S22 needed more cooling.

The new cooling system on the OnePlus 10 Pro is noticeably more comfortable than the one on the Galaxy S22 Ultra after long gaming sessions. This is not asking for the best gaming phone experience, but the S22 can get very hot. This is something we hope the Galaxy S23 fixes.

Snapdragon or better Exynos


If you want to break Qualcomm’s near monopoly on Android phones in some parts of the world, we’re all ears. Snapdragon processors are found in the best Android phones. Samsung’s Exynos processors are inferior to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors in many areas, while Apple’s silicon is still superior in others.

Because of the AMD-powered graphics in the Exynos 2200’s flagship model, we had high expectations. Unfortunately, the chip fell short of our expectations. Samsung needs to either figure out why Exynos chips aren’t as good as Snapdragons, or it needs to give up and use Snapdragons in all of its products.

Continuous zoom


With smartphones’ telephoto lenses, you can only use the optical zoom to its full extent, or use digital to fill in the blanks. Galaxy S22 Ultra rumours suggested that Samsung was planning to introduce continuous zoom, which would allow the phone to zoom in and out smoothly.

We’d like to see this feature on all three Galaxy S23 models, but we’re worried it will be an Ultra-only feature if it is ever released.

Better model differentiation


We can all agree that Samsung’s Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus are pretty blah in terms of design and features. There aren’t many new features to distinguish them from their predecessors. The most significant improvement was in low-light photography’s “nightography,” but Samsung clearly focused all of its efforts on the most expensive Galaxy.

In spite of this, we hope that the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 get more than iterative updates in the future. Since the Galaxy S22 and the Galaxy S22 Plus actually featured a minimum of 48Hz instead of the 10Hz Samsung initially advertised, it’s possible that the refresh rate of the display could actually dip to 10Hz.

The Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus should not be boring.


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