Sony tipped major push into PC and mobile games


PlayStation games will soon be available on PCs and smartphones, according to Sony.

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God of War (2018) and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy of the Thieves Collection are just two examples of Sony’s high-profile PlayStation titles that have already been released on PC. Currently, there are only a few options, but that could change in the next few years. Sony aims to make PC and mobile games account for half of the year’s releases by 2025, according to the company’s own projections.

At an investor meeting, Sony made this information public. Interested gamers should take a look at Sony’s slideshow, which can be found on the company’s website and is well worth your time. Sony discusses the PS5’s profitability, availability, and future plans (versatile). There are some interesting numbers in there, even though it’s not a deep-dive prospectus.


To begin, Sony has ambitious plans for the gaming markets of mobile and PC. As shown in a comparison chart, Sony’s 2019 game releases were split almost evenly between PS4 and PC, with only 10% going to the latter. This year, 70 percent of its games were released for PlayStation 4 and/or PlayStation 5, while 20 percent were released for PC and 10 percent were released for mobile platforms.

Things could change dramatically once more in 2025, as Sony plans to bring its PC/mobile and console divisions closer together. PS5 games will account for half of Sony’s 2025 release slate, with 30 percent going to PC and 20 percent to mobile devices.

You might notice that Sony has no plans to release any PS4 games in 2025, if you look closely enough. There’s a good chance Sony will stop supporting the PS4 in early 2024 when PS5s go on sale to the general public.


More than $100 million in sales in the last two years have been generated by PlayStation-exclusive PC ports, such as Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone, and God of War. Sony, on the other hand, plans to make $300 million from PC ports this year, which seems a little too optimistic when you consider that God of War has only made $26 million on PC. It’s possible that a second major port will open later this year.

Sony also wants to create first-party mobile games based on popular franchises and “expand to cross-platform where relevant.” We’ll have to wait and see if this translates to more portable games that can be played on both mobile devices and consoles, or better cloud gaming support.

Additionally, the meeting yielded fascinating insights into how consumers view PlayStation in comparison to other tech brands. PlayStation is currently ranked 7th in terms of “relevant” tech brands, just ahead of Fitbit and just behind Instant Pot. (Since Apple and Peloton are at the top of the list, the results may be a little dated.)


We’ve previously reported on the company’s plans for a major expansion into live service games. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Horizon: Forbidden West are among the highlights of Sony’s first-party single-player lineup. However, MLB 22: The Show is the only first-party live-service game at this time. Sony aims to quadruple that number by the year 2025. Whether or not the company could sustain that many ongoing games—or whether or not players could find enough time for them—is another matter entirely.

There are currently only a few PC and mobile devices available from Sony at this time. The company, on the other hand, appears to have big plans to change that in the next three years. During that time, the company will have to decide whether or not to implement Xbox-style parity between the platforms.


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