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Samsung Galaxy S22 FE won’t exist, report suggests


First there was the Galaxy S20 FE, and now there is the Galaxy S21 FE in Samsung’s Fan Edition (FE) series. The Galaxy S22 FE would make sense logically, however a recent report from “many sources” claims that Samsung will not release the S22 FE.

So it appears that the corporation may be preparing to retire its FE smartphones after just two years of service. Fans of the Korean company’s flagship chipsets who sought a less expensive alternative and weren’t prepared to spend as much as the usual S series flagships currently cost may be disappointed by this announcement.

After a year and a half of delays, Samsung finally released the Galaxy S21 FE in the United States. Rumors circulated at the time claiming that this was the result of the current chip shortage. The S22 line, which was released only a few weeks after the S21 FE, immediately eclipsed it in terms of popularity. But this isn’t a solid cause to halt the release of FE phones; rather, it’s merely a reason to release them more quickly after the non-FE devices are released.


Keep an eye out for our in-depth review of the Galaxy S21 FE, which may be the final ever FE phone.

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