Really portless iPhone — why MagSafe is required


Although the iPhone 14 won’t have a headphone jack, here’s how it may work in the future on Apple devices.

image via apple insider

The iPhone 14 Pro — or any other iPhone — may not include a USB-C port. Nevertheless, a report concerning Apple’s iPhone 14 intentions came with some information on how the company may introduce a port-free phone in the future.

In an article for iDropNews, LeaksApplePro claimed that the iPhone 14 Pro versions would not include a USB-C connector, as had previously been rumoured. There will still be a Lightning connection, but one with better transfer rates, according to the leaker. This is an apparent concession to professional users who often download video from their phones to other devices.


Apple pays royalties from accessories that utilise the Lightning connector and is hesitant to give up that money source, so this prediction has some basis. It was, however, the prediction regarding the iPhone’s portless future that I found most fascinating.

A port-free iPhone was rumoured for some time, but it’s not likely to be included in this year’s revisions. Because there’s no headphone jack on the iPhone, Apple would have to come up with a way to charge, transmit data and put in wired headphones all at the same time.

AirPods’ ubiquity and wireless charging on iPhones since the iPhone 8 appear to solve the headphone problem. It’s simply a matter of transferring data now, and according to LeaksApplePro, the iPhone already has MagSafe connection.


MagSafe does not now communicate data, although it may do so in the future. As seen by patents like this one from last year, Apple is obviously studying the idea of wireless data transmission via magnetic connections akin to MagSafe products.

It is essential that data transit be as quick as possible. “Apple won’t shift to a portless iPhone until engineers can reach respectable transfer rates through MagSafe,” says LeaksApplePro, adding that Apple also needs to make transfers work not just with iPhones and other Apple devices, but with Windows and Linux workstations as well. ” That will take time.

But for how long? The iPhone 16 Pro, according to the leaker, will be the first to go on sale without a USB port. That assertion, however, would have to come true under a variety of circumstances.


Regardless, Lightning ports seem to be here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. However, the future of Apple’s phone is portless, and MagSafe seems to be the technology that helps make that happen. MagSafe.

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