Google Messages glitch causes serious battery drain


There must be something wrong with my battery. Google Messages might be the source of the problem.

image via India today

Although certain software is notorious for using a lot of battery power, you don’t expect it to come from one of your phone’s most important applications. A Google Messages bug is causing overheating and energy depletion for many Android users right now, and that’s a bad thing.

According to Reddit and 9to5Google, a new Google Messages version has an issue that sometimes keeps the camera app running in the background. The camera may take power from the phone’s battery and heat it up in the process without much warning.


The camera in the chat window of Google Messages allows you to immediately attach photographs and videos to your message. This function, which shows a live feed of what your camera sees, seems to continue operating even after the app window has been closed in this case.

Because of Android 12’s privacy indications, which display when an app is actively accessing the camera or microphone, Google was able to figure out what was going on with Messages.

In order to see which of the two is now running, you have to open the notification menu and press the green symbol. In this case, closing Google Messages from Android’s ‘Recents’ display solves the issue the quickest manner possible.

(Image credit: Tom Pritchard/Tom’s Guide)

In the alternative, you may remove the app’s access to the camera altogether, which will prevent it from running in the background and draining your battery life. Take a look at your phone’s camera permissions in Settings, then choose Don’t allow from the drop-down menu under Permissions.

Keep an eye out for the privacy indications on Android at all times, just in case a dubious app you installed is spying on you. The first place to check if your battery is draining a bit too rapidly is in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.


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